Archmage Nagestos Naevon

Your potential is limited by your knowledge of how to best put it to use.

Concept: Ornery Headmaster
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Naevon
Gender: Male
Age: 627
Birthday: 09/05
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Evocationist
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Light Ivy Green
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Unmarried

Titles: Headmaster of the Galithryn Acadeum

Description: Most elves are handsome, regal, and approachable in appearance. This is no such elf. The crags and blemishes and stubble on his pale face suggest both history and hard knocks, and he moves not with speed, but with an economy of motion learned only with the aid of time. Ghost-white hair falls barely kempt about his ears and shoulders, and eyes of a light ivy green pop drastically forth in contrast. He is tall, like most elves, but taller still in a meticulously schooled posture, chin high, spine straight as a sword.

Personality: A reserved elf by nature, Nagestos seldom opens himself up to strangers, much preferring to stick to intellectual facts and conversation subjects. That's not to say he has strong opinions, he does, and he's not afraid to share them when they are regarding subjects that are dear to his heart, like magic. But he has the tendency to wrap such things within a logical framework, rather than let himself get emotional about them. He likes fact, but he also stubbornly speaks as if his words were facts. He is strict, expecting and demanding excellence from students and colleagues both and has no qualms in letting someone know they are wrong, if he truly feels they are. When he speaks, is because he has something to say rather than from the sake of it.

Background: Beloved by many, Zaleth Naevon could have easily been elected to be a Senator, or even First Citizen if he had wanted to. He was known for his belief that the Duindar should be an example to the other kinships, of what a society should be like. He also believed that unification should only happen when all kinships were at the same level of social development as the Duindar. However, Zaleth had no desire to be a politician, for his first love was his true calling. Magic. So instead, Zaleth went on to become the Archmage of the Galithryn Acadeum. When his first son Nagestos was born, he made it a point to educate him in the mystical arts, with the hope that one day Nagestos would take over the Acadeum as well.

Zaleth's wish came true, for Nagestos proved to have a strong connection to the Lifewell, and the keen intellect to put it to use. Unlike his father, Nagestos avoided politics, although the few times he made his opinion known, he seemed to be in agreement with his father's view. During Estril's Feast, it was discovered that a member of the household and an apprentice to Nagestos was a Harbinger, a member of an extremist group that worked against Ithiriel Elexia and the unification of the kinships. Zaleth and Nagestos were both furious, for they felt it was a stain in the Acadeum's record. The two worked very hard to ensure there weren't any such cases, and from there on Nagestos became a little obsessed in finding the right apprentices.

Zaleth passed on not long after the Feast, and Nagestos took over his position at the Acadeum, becoming the new Archmage and headmaster.Like his father, Nagestos first love was magic, but he still managed to find himself married and with a son, Tethys. Like it was with his father, Nagestos made sure to raise Tethys in a world of scholars and magics, and just like it was with him, it became obvious that Tethys some day would succeed him as the head of the Acadeum. Or at least, that is what Nagestos wanted, and seemingly so did Tethys.

The Eradication War and the Third Migration were a source of suffering for many, but Nagestos managed to come out of it relatively unscathed. His wife had passed many years before, and with the help of Tethys and his students he managed to preserve much of the history and tomes of the Acadeum. No, the real blow to Nagestos came not from the Migration but the settling of the new world. Sixteen years after the Third Migration, a massive flood threatened and claimed many Duindar lives, including Tethys, who emboldened by his own mastery of magic rushed to rescue a group of elves trapped by the raging waters, amongst them his own daughter, Nagestos' granddaughter, Claria. Tethys passed the girl to Nagestos, who took her in his arms only to see the strong currents drag his son away. On that day, magic failed Nagestos, but the archmage did not give up on it. Now, he's left trying to find the right student to pass the Acadeum too, having decided against Claria becoming his eventual successor. This new world needs powerful mages, and he intends to make sure they are prepared.

In the summer of 51 PA, after Nagestos had made a plea to the elves of Aarandor to elevate him to take Baridon's place in the pantheon, he decided to take a leave of absence. With out warning he picked up and left Isalspire, handing the Acadeum over to his trusted friend Maltavius Egilion to watch over in his absence. Nearly a year passed with no trace of him. When the Duindar Kinship faced the Watcher of the Woods in 52 PA, he arrived with their General with a word of warning about the Archer. He had been living in the Watcher's Forest for all this time, learning from them about their new surroundings. Now that the peace deal has been brokered, Nagestos is eager to get back in to his role running the Acadeum and growing the magical talents of the elves in Aarandor.

Relationship Summary

  • Audreus - The General has done much for our people, and her sacrifice is not unnoticed. I think her and her Spellblades would be able to accomplish much if they focused their studies, but that will always remain a point of contention with her. I enjoy our debates, and our little competion, even though there is no doubt of who is right in this argument.

  • Family:
  • Teroleus - I'll never understand his decision to join the Amethyst Order and not the Acadeum. But, I suppose we all have to find the paths that best fit us. So perhaps he made the right choice. He is my nephew and I care for him in the manner we all care for family.
  • Elstrin - I'm glad she is managing the family, for it lets me spend the time working in the Acadeum and engage in my studies. Seeing her do so well in the Acadeum made me proud, and for that, she has my respect.
  • Claria - My granddaughter isn't even half the person her father was. Barely any aptitude for the craft. Every time I look at her I see Tethys' eyes in her face. I can't help but feel a little angry and very disappointed.

  • Friend:
  • Theleria - She can be so gentle, in my opinion, too gentle. She has a good heart, and her warmth is hard to match. I enjoy conversing with her, although our views on what's best for the Duindar are drastically different. Still, she's always open to conversation and debate, and what would our society be without such things?

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