Lady Elendril Palinnar

It is our inspiration that defines us. What do you fight for?

Concept: Fervent Guardian
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Palinnar
Gender: Female
Age: 114
Birthday: 12/13
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Mage
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Snow white
Eye Color: Pale Grey
Skintone: Alabaster
Marital Status: Single

Titles: Scholar of the Galithryn Acadeum

Description: Thick lashes sweep over pallid irises, framed by an alabaster pale countenance of graceful angled cheekbones and snow-white hair. Despite her doll-like appearance and quiet demeanor, Elendril carries with her precise posture mingled with an authoritative voice. This often leads to her emotions having a tendency to command great influence; the weight of her dreamy smiles greatly contrasting the sheer heartbreak of her disappointed frowns.

(She uses a shampoo and body products that leave her smelling of sparkling citrus, cedar woods, and fresh green herbs.)

Personality: Much like the snowy climes and the people hardened to its harsh bite, Elendril prefers remaining cool and distant to matters that don't resonate strongly with her virtues. Seldom does she share personal opinions with those removed, instead opting to level an observant gaze in quiet, like an impartial yet heavy downpour. While occasionally aloof, Elendril can be an immensely compassionate and gentle figure when exploring her interests, often opening up with disarming smiles and vibrant laughter. As warm as Elendril can be, she's equally as principled, exuding an undercurrent of strength; a torrent of ferocity and intensity -- taut, and ready to snap.

Background: Born to Camilla Palinnar, the sister of Marchioness Tegan Palinnar, Elendril was raised in a life of privilege. Growing up she was afforded the best professors available, and through disciplined practice she began her arduous path to understanding the Gods, history, and most contributory to her growth, the teachings of the Lifewell.

It wasn't an act of any god nor was it an innate gift that she was blessed with. It was a call-to-arms, a hard to swallow truth that became known as the Mortal Strife. Though young, she bore witness to the results of mortality, a foreign and grave concept that shook her to her core. It was only natural for Elendril to focus intensely on her studies in an attempt to save every dying inhabitant of Loran's dream.

Restorative magic was the beginning. After all, the most direct way to help a dying soul (and Ember's self-inflicted burns) would be to care for their wounds. But what if Elendril could prevent such a situation from arising in the first place?

Relationship Summary

  • Arminel - He's my King and I am his minister. It seems pretty cut and dry there, but there is so much more to it. He allows a bit of teasing, but one should always be proper in public. I have taken up writing his invitations for whom he wants to host and making sure there is a party for them. Also, really any task he asks, I tend to do it. Sometimes I put my hand out for the coin needed first though.
  • Zedmir - They are friends because of their shared interests! They both serve the Lorandi Small Council and both are interested in the healing arts. Zed is the reason that she's joined the Healer's Guild. Woe be to them all.

  • Family:
  • Ember - Make no mistake, Ember is capable of starting a wildfire with a snap of her fingers. Yet just as effortlessly, she burns brighter than any shooting star, breathing life and energy into everything in proximity. It's no secret that I admire my sister deeply; together we can accomplish anything.
  • Hatharal - The traditional head of a household would probably love nothing more than dining with the highest of nobility and discussing political arrangements. Hatharal is not traditional. His heart lies beyond the horizon, knee-deep in the thickest and most captivating of adventures -- and House Palinnar is better for it.

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