Amphitrite Alcaldia

Invaluable is the mind which reflects the depths and mysteries of the sea. Protect them both.

Concept: Witch of The Sea
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Fluid
Age: 119
Birthday: 02/06
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Battle mage
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: SeaGreen/OceanBlue
Skintone: Porcelain
Marital Status: Unbound

Description: Amphitrite's presence is almost evanescent as she clings to the shadows and remains a silent observer. She has porcelain skin that almost seems to glow and her hypnotic eyes begin in the center a calm green and work their way out to a beautiful blue. Long platinum blonde hair falls down her shoulders in a straight sheet of shimmering locks. She often dresses her hair with beads and metal rings and accents it with faux dreads or binds in in dozens of braids. Scrolled across her skin are the tattoos of her people, tribal markings swirling and shimmering, blue ink glinting beneath the light like the sun on the sea, many scars peeking through.

Personality: A layer of ice coats this young elf when business is afoot but when Amphitrite isn't working she isn't always so serious. In the presence of strangers she is almost always silent to start but depending on the situation may warm up. On occasion, a hint of a smile can be found beneath the veil of blonde hair when a joke is cracked, the elf not immune to the contagious joy of others.

Cousins to Darinel by way of her mother, Amphitrite is from the more martially focused branch of Alcaldia. Predisposed to adrenaline seeking behavior most of her remaining siblings have taken to being as nearly as devout to Rithor as they are Aereth, strong sailors and soldiers for their fealty and allies.

Amphitrite has followed closely behind many of her siblings in the art of combat, learning how to weave magic and adrenaline together to make her way through the world with staff in hand. The loss of many friends and the majority of her family seems to have hardened her, strength given to the resolve needed to continue to learn and grow.

Since arriving Amphitrite has stood loyally by Chief Rythandrien Nerea, a close friend, but she has likewise made it easy to know that she is available to any of the leadership should they need her aid.

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