Viessa Nerea

Never forget the power of bleeding for your dreams.

Concept: Bloody Sailor
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Nerea
Gender: Female
Age: 186
Birthday: 02/05
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Tanned
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: The figure that she strikes is far from imposing, but she has the quiet strength of someone that is active, but more than just that it's clear that her activity is one of hard work, time spent training with a weapon, and working on a ship, instead of something more casually active. Her skin is a warm tone, tanned from the very same active lifestyle that keeps her in very toned shape, and her hands very rough from use. Brilliant green eyes are always dancing with some inner joke, even when moments are their more serious that light of mischief still seems to linger in the background. One true bit of vanity that she has is the fact that her ebony colored hair has been left long, and is well taken care of and shows the signs of someone that does seem to take some pride in her hair.

Personality: Often the saying goes that fire and water don't mix, but Viessa is all fire. Passionate in her beliefs, her willingness to argue for what she believes in often can be considered stubbornness. She fiercely protects those that are close to her, and she will throw herself into any situation that she might deem exciting, or something that needs to be done. Despite her willingness to take risks, she's not incautious, and will always take proper precautions, as she sees it.

Background: Viessa is very much a product of her Kinship, or she was simply always destined to be what she is, even if she had some unfortunate accident of birth and was born elsewhere. She was always destined to the sea.

Having been born prior to the Eradication War and all that came with it she remembers what life was like before they had to leave home, and while she misses what she once had, there is an unknown here that lights a fire deep in her belly. She is eager to find out what is waiting for them further away from the portals, what wonders and...although she only shares this with those that are closest to her, she wonders what there is to fight.

Unlike her younger sister, she is not one for the law and order of the world, but the chaos and choices made in the heat of the moment. There is an eagerness to her to trust in her instincts, and she feels that those instincts paired with her experiences lead to the greatest of adventures. But despite that she has a steadfast belief in the gods, and in making certain that proper sacrifice has been made to them. It doesn't matter which one, if they fit the situation she is as inclined towards giving them what she feels needs to be given to survive. But her dedication to Acharon above all the others is a strong one, and that has flavored the choices she's made in her life.

Relationship Summary

  • Catlith - she's so different to me.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Nalaea - We've worked together a few times. She's the first (and only) one who's ever wanted to learn Marese. So far anyway.

  • Friend:
  • Lunan - We had a thing, me and Lunan, until the sea and all the conflict between the Aeran and Duindar caused him to end it

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