Lady Avalya Serannar

If your innermost heart could be laid open, its dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

Concept: Weaver of Dreams
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Serannar
Gender: Female
Age: 200
Birthday: 9/8
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Mage
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: White-gold
Eye Color: Violet blue
Skintone: Porcelain
Marital Status: Single

Description: Regal features cast by ethereal fairness define her presence. Carefully applied kohl frames unaccountably eyes dark as a dusk sky, liquid and contemplative, dominate a face sculpted from the smoothest of stone and bestowed the essence of life. Her considerable height stands betwixt the sheer delicacy of her lithe, willowy build. Moonsilvered hair shows a bare tendency to gold, gathered up in a winding embrace against her crown and held fast by jewel-capped pins that sparkling like stars. She carries herself with an unconscious confidence, noble and exacting in elegance, a radiant presence wherever she goes.

Personality: Behind a dreamy mien, curiosity acts as the foundation stone for Avalya. Curiosity fuels her visions and fascination for knowledge. The unseen and unknown call to her, the better to bring enlightenment into a dark and muchly changed world. Discovery is an act of honouring her patron goddess, Loran, and touching the greater dream. Prone to pursuing a dozen things at once, she follows an endlessly moving current. When striving after a goal, she can be prone to forgetting outside cares. She is, at heart, an incandescent light, but the stars or moon rather than the sun. Her way is more subtle, and in her quest to shape the world, she believes in a fair exchange and open dialogue. Descending into brash action is unthinkable when forethought, cultured consideration, and grace serve instead.

Background: Luck of the gods granted the boundless opportunities for Avalya. The middle daughter to King Rhistel's brother, Prince Rothilion, sought knowledge from the stacks, tutors, and everyone crossing her path. She dwelled on ancient stories and unanswered questions, mastering what little bits of magic she could through endless studies. What drove such a child to master the arts, to the amusement of her battlemage father and indulgent arcanist mother? From the youngest age, her answer was certain: she must learn to call the Lifewell's energies to shape, weave, and make manifest Loran's will in the world. The dream required weavers to bring it to life and leave their mark. Ambitious perhaps, but she wore her burnt fingers and failed efforts without much complaint. She spun light and sang to the stars, struggling to make real the vestiges of what arose in her imagination with such boundless force.

While her sister favoured caution for flashy magic, she was an artist of the arcane energies. The wonder and awe by shaping powers to unexpected ends deeply pleased her. But she never created strictly for its own sake, searching for means and ends that would invariably improve the lives of the Lorandi, and those around them. And so might her life have gone on little changed until the Mortal Strife. For a young woman so prepared to trade favours and mingle among the other elves and races, the illness and death of friends took her hard. She cursed the Host, but what good would that do? Where others had great anger, she sought answers, solutions, possibilities, extinguishing them one after the other. Rothillion declined with her mother, Nimue, at his side, and still Avalya could not find the key to unlock their troubles. She locked her heart from weeping or rage, though they fed grief. She resolved herself to burn with a noble, bright fire of inspiration to the people of Ithir, and armed with hope and knowledge, find a greater, brighter future. She followed Ithiriel Elexia for Aarandor, and despite the great hardships on the sea, her spirit prevaile.

Let her elder brother Escanor fight. Let her younger sister Amalthea call down the sky. The new world, opened by Loran, provides unimagined potential. She dreams and explores the margins of the undiscovered.

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