Sabriel Marindur

I am the song upon the waves, the tempest that washes souls overboard but I am also an old, tired woman and beyond that there is nothing more to know.

Concept: Adept Loremaster
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Marindur
Gender: Intersex
Age: 845
Birthday: 08/06
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Mage
Height: 6'4
Hair Color: Ruby
Eye Color: Silver
Skintone: Silvery-Gray
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: This particular elven woman is possessing of dark silvery-gray skin, like someone who has spent a lifetime inside. Alongside her burnished ruby colored tresses and eyes the color of the moon, Sabriel is most unusual in appearance. Like an albino who has spent a great deal of time in shadowy spaces. Tall and slender as they come, the enchanting highborn elf seems almost taller for it and has a presence when entering a room. She's normally got a very stoic expression, not one for emoting her feelings through expression so much as spoken word. Her voice, is like that of a siren and it's said she can sing quite beautifully at that - apparently her most notable, memorable feature

Personality: Introverted, observant and calm at -all- times, Sabriel has been described as a true ice queen. A stone wall. Or as an emotionless void of ennui. In any case, the woman is capable of mustering emotions such as sadness, despair and disappointment. All of which she has used quite effectively to motivate herself and others around her when she wishes. No one would ever say she wasn't a brilliant woman but she can be quite oblivious at times to certain nuances, and when she says she is the Tempest it most certainly isn't some kind of magical hokum. She means she -will- huff and puff and blow your house down and not cry about it later either.

Background: Sabriel originally hails from House Reid, but left to join her husband among the Marindur. Some say that he was considered for Admiral even but never quite impressed the one who was grooming him as his successor. It was a grave disappointment many said put a tension on the relationship that Sabriel had with her spouse. Still, she gave her husband three children, that by now have moved on to find their own paths.

Solitude has always been her closest companion, even if the woman is particularly adept at socializing with others. So when her husband fell overboard during the long journey here to Arandor, his loss weighed heavy on her but being alone never did. Of course, her Snow Wolf whom was bonded to her at the time perished as well and that was just too much. Some say that this is perhaps still the very reason that Sabriel is so dour, or grim or prone to fits of depression and apathy but some say it's all a ruse and that she is secretly just a misanthrope.

The wisest however, will never argue that she's done anything less than contribute her very best efforts to her new House and the Aeran as a whole. Vast sums of knowledge she has accumulated over the years and often, when they need to know something, they will bother the old elf for a bit of guidance. Or, more likely, she will offer it freely. Since arriving here in Aarandor, Sabriel has delved into the mysteries that lie within Thelos and beyond so that she can provide a better understanding of what lies ahead for her kinfolk and their allies.

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