Sikil Egilion

I know that was shit, but it wasn't my fault!

Concept: Scoundrel
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Egilion
Gender: Male
Age: 105
Birthday: 6/08
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Spellblade
Height: 6'3
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Silver
Skintone: Light
Marital Status: Unwed

Description: He's about 6'3, with a sinewy and lean build. He doesn't look much beyond his first century of age. His skin is pale and his eyes a hue of silver-grey (or iron-grey, or pale blue depending on the light), while his hair is blondish-to-white. There's usually an easy grin on his lips.

Personality: Sikil's outward personality tends to be that of a cheerful optimist. When presented with an obstacle, he usually tries to find a way around it, which may or may not involve gleefully ignoring rules and expectations.

Background: Sikil Egilion was right on the cusp of adulthood when the elves left the Dying Lands. His parents didn't make it, dying on the journey.

Initially he trained as a spellblade, seduced by notions of bravery and heroism, and to defend his people from any dangers they might find themselves facing in their new home. Yet even as everybody expected him to join the Amethyst Order. He'd been an able if not brilliant, occasionally showing a flair for getting distracted and slacking off to pursue whatever most currently interested him. But when push came to shove his familial traits valuing knowledge nudged him just enough to join of The Galithryn Acadeum instead. The arts of war and fighting could only hold his interest for so long. Once he felt like he was 'good enough', much to the ridicule of his elders who reminded him he knew shit all, the whole idea of spending more centuries doing the same didn't appeal at all. Not when there were the mysteries of the Lifewell's potential to unlock.

He's shown the occasional inability to follow rules in the Acadeum, and while his desire to learn new arts hasn't been questioned, he's quite driven when he becomes obsessed with something, including things he should leave well enough alone, he's been less interested in scribing than going out into the great unexplored world to seek knowledge there.He's a student intending to devour every bit of magical know-how he can.

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