Dame Mihris Alcaldia

I hear the song in the eddies, the drums in the waves, the whisper in the water against the sand; for Aereth's song plays strong and true to all who listen.

Concept: Shield of the Faith
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Female
Age: 156
Birthday: 5/17
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Abjurationist
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Red Mahogany
Eye Color: Heterochromia
Skintone: Lightly Tanned
Marital Status: Single

Titles: Senior Scholar of the Galithryn Acadeum

Description: A vibrant red mahogany main of hair falls thick past her shoulders, run with carved beads from shells and a fringe of hewn locks to define her keen eyes. Mismatched as they are they seem to look at the world from two different perspectives one a clear blue and the other a amber tone. A sharp wild quality filters through a lean toned form that gives her sinewy and fluid appearance, making her both elegant and primal. Beneath each eye are dedicated droplets of water, three that make an arc from outside corner to middle. One can be assured she knows her path by how she carries herself yet there is often an easy smile to welcome even those she would call strangers.

Personality: Mihris is anything but idle yet she has the feel of a fluid soul that can move from one task to the next without hesitation. Resolute in her beliefs and determined to succeed in her goals for her people and her House, she is driven by the fundamental fuel of her life - faith. She can be focused and sure of herself, given to fervent beliefs at times but there is an understanding that everything changes, much like the water and much like their lives. It makes her curious and ready, willing to do what it takes to establish something lasting that will bend instead of break - much like herself. Mihris has a sort of spiritual vitality about her, giving her a charismatic appeal.

Background: Mihris is the third daughter of Velandria and most like her mother, given to following the call of the spiritual though she never took up the stole of a priestess she instead grew up in the wonder of the waves. Her father died not long after her birth and it meant that Velandria was Mihris' only guidance growing up save for her sisters. Impressionable and devoted to her mother, her love for Aereth only grew. She followed her mother everywhere, devoted to their time together and the spiritual growth they both shared when she was young.

She grew to be restless, claiming to feel and hear the call of Aereth and wishing to do her bidding. Mihris' abilities grew as well, honing the use of her link with the Lifewell to call upon water to use as rising walls or a shield of pelting rain collected in her hand. She grew up in a time of peace, after the land was healed and after the Reapers were dealt with. She grew stronger in her connection with Aereth, her own people having remained in their homelands far longer than the other Kinships and in that gave her a deeper meaning - until that moment the loss of her immortality was felt. She was barely on the cusp of adulthood when it happened.

The worry over this dilemma tested and found to strengthen Mihris' devotion to Aereth. She would never be her mother but there was a simple inherited line to the spiritual that Mihris has managed to maintain till this day.

It was not until the Eradication War that she felt the need to take up arms and hone the use of a weapon. Five years is hardly enough time to do so but it was her use of the water as a shield that kept some on their ship from feeling the roughness of the storm that fell over them, she added to the droplets of water that are tattooed around each eye for the shields she wrought against the storm that kept their own and some nearby Aeran ships afloat.

Upon arriving in the new lands, with their lives restored, Mihris never forgot and it changed her. What if it were to happen again? She did more than hone her skill with the spear she took on a role of a spiritual guardian, making certain she could protect Alcaldia's priests and priestesses. Her goal in their new home is to provide for their growth and find more suitable places for worship. She is driven further to try to establish a sort of ground guard for their most sacred leaders. She may be young, but she has experienced some of the more trying times of their people and has come out sharper for it. Ready.

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