Sister Elisera Reid

There is no need to fear, for you go on to new life, and stay with us always.

Concept: Tranquil Erudite
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Reid
Gender: Female
Age: 235
Birthday: 10/15
Patron: Glanor
Vocation: Caregiver
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Ashy Platinum
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Stately and snow-white, Elisera Reid is a tall and wispy thing who often looks as if she might blow away in a stiff wind. Though poised and straight-backed, her regality is diminished by her study of the sky or ceiling and the far-away gaze in her amber-lit eyes. Freckles dapple the bridge of her nose and corners of her eyes, taking away from the washed-out complection her ashy platinum tresses bestow upon her pale features.

Personality: Understanding others comes naturally to Elisera, who spends much of her time silent as she listens, or gently comforting the bereaved with reassurance that their loss is worth remembering. The air of serenity that follows her is made fuller by her soft-spoken nature and preference for quiet; her greatest passion seems to be reading what tomes of history she can get her hands on. She stands out at gatherings when invited, forever a wallflower more interested in watching than engaging. Only when someone seems to be suffering does she flourish, at their side to offer her support.

Background: Elisera was never what someone would consider a happy child, though neither was she a miserable one. Since her birth, she has existed in this place of emotional stability that confused both her parents and her siblings; she wasn't prone to crying, or to fits of temper, and as she grew it became more and more clear that she boasted an acute attunement with the emotional well-being of others.

When the Mortal Strife fell upon the peoples of Larandor, she felt the misery and loss of the now-mortal races weigh heavily on her spirit, and witnessed as her Kin, friends and mentors passed through the world. At first, she struggled with this newness; what was it, that caused them to suffer the ravages of time this way? Unable to bear the mourning, Elisera sought to offer comfort and council to those who needed it with the unexpected passing of their loved ones, and became initiated into the priesthood of Glanor.

For twenty-five years, she settled into a state of equilibrium. Day to day, she undertook her studies of Glanor and of the people around her; she helped in hospitals, mentored in healing but truly flourishing when it came to tending to those close to death. This is where she was when the Host came, tending to her mortal Kin.

The Eradication War almost snuffed not only Elisera's will, but her life, as she tried to heal a fallen soldier and was nearly killed in the process; it was another elf who saved her, forcing her from her desperate attempts. She did not want to abandon their allies in the Old World, and went reluctantly with the other Faenor onto the ships that would lead them to their new home.

Relationship Summary

  • Rythadrien - The Chief of the Aeran Kinship; one of their leaders. Rythadrien Nerea is an insightful, if somewhat young, elf with a great deal of lofty desires for the peoples of Arandor. He follows the rigidity of Baridon, which fascinates me; why Baridon, when his people are so intrinsically tied to Aereth and her fickle ways? I have decided I like him.

  • Sibling:
  • Elyon - My brother reminds me of our father: bold, fearless, and intelligent. He is what I cannot be, and I love him for this ability, for the life that flows through him. I wonder, will I return to the Wheel first, or will he?

  • Duindar:
  • Archarnor - A Duindar. A Naevon. A member of the Amethyst Order. Devoted to Estril. Archarnor Naevon is a man I could sit with for hours in silence, for his presence speaks volumes, and fills my mind with questions that I will puzzle over for eternity.
  • Nagestos - The Archmage of the Galithryn Acadeum teaches young and old elves the ways of the arcane. He is a sober man, one who has lived a long life; he appears not to appreciate company. Though I yearn to pick his mind of the history of our people, and to offer him some comfort, I believe it's best if I give him space. I'll have to seek my books elsewhere.

  • Patron:
  • Glanor - Do you think the Sleeping God weeps? Do you think he knows my sorrows, the way that I know yours? Does he wish us peace, or does he simply listen, and allow us to find it on our own? Does he love? Does he hate? Or does he only feel acceptance, unable to spread it beyond this equilibrium? I ask myself these things when I am alone and my mind is loud, or when I watch an elder decide to leave this life behind, prepared for their next one.

  • Faenor:
  • Kenyon - All I wanted was to heal our fallen kin. I look back, and wonder if I would have been willing to die then. The young child of the High Lord of House Keir eliminated the option; as I remember how close I came to the Host, I am thankful for his interference.

  • Name Summary
    Sorgath An enigmatic and quiet woman that came to the Shrine of Rithor one day. She was pleasant, but I could sense loss from her. That or she was just making googly eyes at Stupid Lizard. All in all though, nice young lady.