Lady Saga Brixtien

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.

Concept: Bullrider
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Brixtien
Gender: Female
Age: 54
Birthday: 01/27
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Burnished Gold
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skintone: Lightly Tanned
Marital Status: Single

Titles: Knight Officer of the Blessed Order of Solaris

Description: Saga's athletic, lean. There isn't terribly much in the way of 'feminine curves', unless one counts a muscular rear and strong thighs. Some say that she hasn't stopped moving since the moment she was born, and her sun-kissed figure is certainly a testament to that. Ash brown hair falls to her shoulders in vague, unkept waves that would probably curl with a bit of attention. Time in the sun is made obvious by golden highlights and the freckles that splash across her face and chest. Saga's eyes are pale blue, her lips full under the little gold ring that pierces her septum.

Personality: Rash, aggressive. Saga seems restless a lot of the time, full of pent-up energy that's just looking for a way out. While Loran encourages growth and movement, Saga takes it maybe a step too far. She often has trouble focusing on studies and conversations, and is often seen fiddling with.. whatever's at hand, as a way to keep her body busy when a situation engages only her mind.

Background: Saga was born on the ships during the Third Migration. She doesn't remember their lost home, and she has only the vaguest memories of crossing this new land to settle the plains of the Lorandi. She grew up with the vast fields, learning to ride almost before she could walk.

It didn't take much for Saga to find fulfillment in fighting, settling disputes with other children through her fists. She ended up being put into her uncle's care, her parents figuring that perhaps the disciplined life of a squire could settle down their wild child. While it failed, Saga -did- find a calling in the Order of Solaris. A knight herself, now, Saga is ready to take on the world.

Relationship Summary

  • Myriil - My dearest brother. It's a good thing he has a mind for coin, since he certainly doesn't have a mind for social situations! I'm still not sure how he managed to get married.

  • Duindar:
  • Archarnor - The Warden is.. not quite dour? I'm not sure the word. He needs to lighten up! Maybe I'll try to brighten his mood with a friendly spar.

  • Deceased:
  • Celestria - ..Oh Duchess, what was so bad that you couldn't seek Glanor?

  • Family:
  • Hatharal - Marquis-Uncle H! He's wonderful, and an inspiration. I'm glad Uncle V brought us closer.

  • Name Summary
    Aegon Met her at the other end of a lance during a tournament. Say what ever you want the young lady, but by the gods can she take a hit! I may have to seek her council for how to keep myself in the saddle some day.
    Kenyon I wouldn't have thought a bull could be ridden with such skill, and it takes a certain kind of strength to yield to another.