Ilesareth Alcaldia

A breeze will always blow in the direction that it wishes to go.

Concept: Wavesinger
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: female
Age: 543
Birthday: 2/04
Patron: Garwen
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Sun-baked brown
Marital Status: single

Description: Long dark hair cascades down her back to about her mid waist, silky smooth despite being exposed to the rough elements. She has hazel eyes that tend to be on the grey side but sometimes reflect the shades of the world around her. Her tattoos are a gentle white against her dark sun-baked skin which form patterns of the stars seen at night in cloud-swept skies with the blue Dawn Star of Aereth colored on her neck. A compass rose in elegant design sits on the back of her left hand. She's lean and lanky with an easy enough smile or smirk depending on the situation.

Personality: She has a self righteous streak on occasion when she knows there is an injustice or someone is -wrong- but she's usually flexible. The wind blows this way and that after all. She's sarcastic or tender depending on who she speaks to and if they deserve it. But she follows the rules of order and the notion of a ship needs a captain, but there's always a first mate to tell the captain when things are off kilter- she'll speak her mind when the time is right.

Background: Always had a strong calling to wind. More than water. Her fathers were captain and first mate on the Dawn's Promise, a merchant vessel. She grew up on the sea and learned how to use Prestidigitation and Evocation to manipulate the winds to help speed their ship along, giving them an edge when it came to outrunning raiders (human and elven) and getting cargo delivered more quickly between ports.

Her love of the wind led her to Garwen's worship. She found a purity to the wind that the sea lacked. Like the sea, there was a fierceness and tenderness to it, a cold beauty. But the wind caused the storms, not the sea. The wind gave breath and life. The sea often took it away. She never forgot the bodies of drowned sailors they would come across on occasion after a storm.

As Unification began, spearheaded by the Marindur, she realized some of her family was against it. One of her aunts was trying to arrange a mutiny aboard a Marindur vessel to capture Alexia. Knowing this treachery was an affront to Garwen, she reported her aunt to the Marindurs and had the Harbingers purged from her family line.

When the Host attacked she helped evacuate the port cities and speed the refugee boats along with her magic. When the call came to abandon Larandor she felt guilt at leaving the Allies behind but knew that when one abandoned ship, you did so quickly and with your own preservation in mind. There simply wasn't time to save the rest.

She and Dawn's Promise took their share of elves across the sea, Ilsareth calling on Garwen for strong winds to speed their way across the ocean. She was deeply saddened when her beloved ship's cat was turned to dust on the voyage.

The Promise only had minimal casualties during the crossing, a few of the older elves passing from sickness and a few swept overboard during the toughest of the storms. But they safely reached Lorawin and they dismantled the Promise to build some of their first settlements.

She someday dreams of getting a new ship to sail and explore the uncharted waters of Aarandor, calling on Garwen to forgive them for their flight and bless them with strong winds once more.

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