Marchioness Seren Rylanth

Dreams are more than mere glimpses of what could be, they are the drive for what will be.

Concept: Weaver of Dreams
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: Female
Age: 364
Birthday: 11/9
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Illusionist
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: White Gold
Eye Color: Silvery Green
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Married

Description: She stands tall and fair with a rich golden undertone to her milky skin, long limbed the extended digits of her hands seem even more so when she is weaving her work. White gold hair and silvery green eyes settle into a set of well proportioned elegant angles. Suffused with a self contained confidence it reaches most due to her rather lithesome height.

(Damp hair in dressing gown and a bruise on her forehead.)

Personality: Dreams live in her eyes, visions that no one else can see until she weaves them and it leaves her slightly off pace from others sometimes for she is often seeing something very different and far more vibrant than those around her. Despite her varied views she carries with her a reserved congeniality that makes her enjoyable company. More often than not she is by herself, preferring the peace and quiet that comes with the inner reflection but it can be said she will thrive off a gathering of creative people or those that wish to stand in the radiance of her creations.

Background: The Time of the Harbringers was not long over before Seren was born; fifty or so years. A daughter her mother could love she was doted upon and adored, taught all the more courtly ways so that no matter what other talents she might have she would always have her wits.

Other talents she did have. Seren, like many of her family found a deep connection with the Lifewell at an early age. She was spinning beautiful illusions and learning from her mother the more finer details to finish off her visions that she brought to life. No parlor tricks for her, no, she sought out to design motifs, tapestries of splendor that were living and shifting like plays and visions for all to see. Such talent grew even into her later years. She used her talents for gatherings, for celebrations, leaving spectators in awe of her work but there was always more to learn.

After one very successful event she took on a few request from the ruling House Serannar. Regal events and gatherings and when she was nearly two hundred became the illusion designer for the royal house. She took pride in all her work but now she was tried and tested beyond measure, having to rise to the challenge that was given to her. Always leave an impression - a different one each time.

When the moment of mortality struck, she learned one thing, that beauty is not beauty when there is no end. Her work became more stark, more truthful and it was more emotional as well for lives were ending and returning to the Wheel and at the age of nearly three hundred she knew own life was finite.

When the Eradication Wars came to pass, she used what once was a skill of beauty and art to offer protection and distraction for the Host, hoping to save as many of her people as she could. She lost many she loved and in those horrible years she lost the love of her art and learned how to weave monsters and foes for the host that were not the flesh and blood of her people. She very nearly lost her life on the battlefield but was saved and restored to health not a year before they were to sail.

She survived the crossing but a great part of her was left behind. It has taken all the years in the settling of the new lands for her to find a new vision, the edges of it just starting to take hold. But now she has loss to weave into the beautiful high notes, shadows to help make her colors sparkle and shine and remind the viewer that not everything is perfect.

Marriage: Rawlin was married to Seren in 7/1/52 PA. Rawlin joined House Rylanth from House Nalduine.

Relationship Summary

  • Rennyn - The wild nature of us all is reflected in my sibling and his pursuits. We both lost much together but we still have each other.
  • Averadus - The steady measure to Rennyn's earthly focuses. The elder of the three of us he still manages to appear youthful in his devotions. The three of us embody life in different ways and yet we managed to find our similarities.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Nyrena - A rather sure footed and well mannered scholar type of the Duindar. We have had wonderful conversations and I do look forward to the next.
  • Cayn - High Lord Cayn is thoughtful if a bit cautious. I can understand though but truly hope that we may build a better foundation.
  • Myriil - A quiet sort. Bookish and good with numbers. I am not sure he will ever be free of his shell but he is pleasant company.

  • Ally:
  • Hatharal - The Marquis is a dear friend as well as an ally. I know that if I were to need his help he would give so without hesitation as I would do for him.
  • Valatir - I remember when he stood outside my home with a floating frog and a strange disguise. We grew close due to our talents but there is more to our exchanges now and I count him a friend and ally.
  • Arminel - I have known the King since my days as Court Illusionist for his parents. He has come a long way and serves his people well.
  • Rawlin - The High Priest and I have a great many goals that align and it is with his help I have found focus. Found purpose. Together we have grown and I have grown fonder.

  • Friend:
  • Fanorne - We grew up together, merely years apart. His creative soul echoed my own and many times we have worked together on a vision. I worry over him now in our new home.
  • Rollant - The Duke and I fought in the war together. He was the one to pull me free of the lines when I was struck down. I have not forgotten.
  • Relios - Lord Heir Relios and I were fellow soldiers in the war. We worked well together and even here in Arandor we have attempted to make steps together.
  • Starling - Starling and I grew up together. The late nights where I once snuck out was always with her. Roaming the woodlands by moonlight.
  • Thorin - He has always been trouble from the first day we met. I do not think that will every change.
  • Diagones - Ready to rush at anything with a break neck speed. Loran is proud but do take a moment to breathe.
  • Kaelyn - It is in her I see I still have need to grow in the courtly ways despite my years of being so.
  • Dalarin - Focused. Driven. Loran is proud of him and I know that when we have moments we work well together.

  • Family:
  • Naxalia - My Aunt. Mother's Sister. The most reserved of us all and severe as many might see her. I see beyond to the care and compassion she has for her family and those she is close to.
  • Gureylain - A kindred soul to Rennyn he is a spirit of the woods and has a simple love of things. He may not be blood but he is family all the same and dear to me.
  • Elonai - Younger blood of our family and my cousin Elonwe's daughter. She is like her father and yet not. A quirky sort that mourns all that we loss probably more keenly than any other.
  • Caelia - A kind and gentle sould with a depth of love and care for the land that is unrivaled.

  • Name Summary