Lord Elder Averadus Rylanth

A goddess' dream gave us life, and therein lies a lesson of how important our own dreams are.

Concept: Spiritual Teacher
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: Male
Age: 501
Birthday: 07/12
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: White Gold
Eye Color: Forest Green
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Tall and lithe, this elf is not very muscular but appears fit. His white gold hair is often styled in a simple ponytail, or left to fall down past his shoulders. Thin eyebrows of the same color as the hair frame inquisitive forest eyes that often regard his surroundings with a warm gaze. The elegant lines of his face dip into a small cleft on the chin, his jawline showing the faintest of stubs. His skin is fair, with a touch of a golden hue to it.

Personality: While not an introvert, Averadus is quiet by nature. He listens more than he talks, but is not afraid of speaking when asked for his insights or opinions on a subject. He is in his element when teaching others, and when he gets going during a lesson is actually difficult to get him to stop. He loves telling stories, in particular those related to the gods and often uses his magical talents to help with the storytelling. He's open to the company and conversation, but tends to be more reserved when the topic is himself.

Background: Not being the first born of Marquis Deynwen Rylanth allowed Averadus a number of freedoms not available to his brother Gabriel. While his brother received the education to eventually take over the leadership of the House, Averadus was allowed more liberty when it came to choosing his own path. He was barely an adult during the time of Estril's Feast, but what happened certainly left an impression on him. His childhood studies revisited those events, and he came to strongly believe that the betrayal of the Harbingers could have been prevent with the appropriate spiritual guidance. He focused his magical studies in the art of prestidigitation, while his intellectual pursuits led him to study the pantheon.

Those studies guided him to develop a deep connection to Loran, and he decided to join her priesthood. As an initiate he chose to wrote a treatise on all the gods. His work has gone on to become a reference standard amongst theologists studying the lore of the different gods. After joining the priesthood, Averadus spent some time within the Human kingdoms and was known to serve as an unofficial ambassador between the Lorandi and the Human Kingdom of Valantis. It was during his time in Valantis that he met Princess Julietta Tyranel, and through his efforts and their friendship the two went on to secure many agreements important to their respective peoples. His efforts also earned him the friendship of King Rhistel Serannar, becoming the king's confidant and spiritual advisor. He was certainly against Rhistel's intentions to go join the battlefield during the Eradication War, but Rhistel was a strong willed man whose mind was hard to change once made.

He spent most of the Eradication War taking care of the Lorandi's spiritual wellbeing, lending his limited healing skills wherever needed. When the decision was made to leave for Aarandor, he almost remained in Larandor but his deep love for his people led him to join them in the Third Migration. Abandoning the Humans to their fate caused him great pain, for he had come to love them very much due to the time he spent with them. But rather than let that pain bring him to a standstill, he has decided to embrace Loran's teachings and continue to move forward, looking to the future as Loran would want it.

Relationship Summary

  • Rollant - You embrace life like few others I've seen old friend. But you carry with you so much history, so much weight. Don't let it drag you down deep into the ocean of life, remember, you're not alone.

  • Family:
  • Alliah - Do not let the responsibility of leadership douse your flame, my dear niece. Embrace the wonder and adventure that is life, for the lessons you will learn from such will guide you for many years to come.

  • Ally:
  • Arminel - There is so much of your father in you, yet you're also very different. This is a good thing, learn from your father's triumph and his mistakes both, so your triumphs and mistakes will be your own.
  • Rawlin - The goddess is with you, and through you she guides us. While others might not understand you, I see in you a true dreamer.

  • Name Summary