Althon Keir

Count them again. And keep your head down.

Concept: Veteran Scout
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Keir
Gender: Male
Age: 195
Birthday: 01/15
Patron: Glanor
Vocation: Scout
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Single

Description: Of medium build and frame, Althon has jet black hair with silver flecks. His skin is fair, and his face is pleasant and symmetric. His eyes are a piercing grey. He is lanky with long, strong limbs consistent with a life in the wilds.

Personality: Quiet, confident, and with a dry sense of humor, Althon is more at home in the field than at court. While he is capable of some acerbic sarcasm and sharp wit, he is generally polite and respectful, rarely letting his cynicism get the better of him.

Background: A Faenor loyalist as long as he can remember, Althon was involved in many of the initial exploratory missions that were completed while his people were establishing a foothold in Khelgar. Keen eyed and light of foot, he is a natural scout. Able to work alone and bring back valuable information, he was able to help his kinship safely migrate to their new mountain home. For one enamored by the unknown, each blank spot on the map represents another potential opportunity to be taken or another challenge to be overcome.

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