Lady Elder Naxalia Rylanth

The past cannot be changed. Only the future is within out power to influence.

Concept: Dynamic Priestess
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: Female
Age: 721
Birthday: 6/17
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Widowed

Description: Naxalia is rather tall and slender with angluar features. Though she is capable of smiles and warmth, it has been some time in her very long life that they have come easlily to her. She tends towards seriousness and the way she carries herself displays that flawlessly. Icy pale eyes look out at the world with a sort of judgement. Her long platinum hair is left to the wind most days, creating a slightly unkempt but stately look about her.

Personality: Though shreads of joy and happiness shine through on Naxalia's features from time to time, her general presence reads stoaically. Her approach to life is with a quiet, contemplative dignity. Harsh at times, she often speaks her mind even when her words are not the popular opinion. Though it is clear she doesn't mean to be harsh, age has withered away her curves and left her with only sharp edges.

Background: Naxalia was born not long after the battle of Bloody Harbor. Her parents were only vaguely involved in the assault on the Aeran kingdom of Loramar, but the defeat shaped much of her childhood. The rules of law were taken very seriously then and Baridon shown true to her and much of her family. She followed his teachings and eventually became a priestess and lawyer. She would help bring people together in union, remind them of the importance of their commitments, and help them usher in new stages of life. It was a thrilling time.

She herself was married to a Nalduine man, bringing him in to the Rylanth family when they were eventually wed. They lived happily for about fifty years until Estril's Feast hit. Ithiriel Elexia called for the reaping of over 500 elves, all sworn to keep her from uniting the elves. Among the Harbingers as Naxalia's husband. He was a sweet man most of the time. Her astonishment at his betrayal was sincere and left her feeling deeply betrayed. It took a long while after the Feast for Naxalia to face the hardships she was suffering, but her mourning took a strange turn. She cast aside her devotion to Baridon and gave her time and energy to Estril instead.

Naxalia now served Estril passionately, finding her words and purpose to be true and pure. At every corner, when there was evil to be found, Estril has been there to keep them safe. She feels that by embracing the power that brought her such deep sadness, she can make herself whole again. Understanding why Estril exists and to what end she must be allowed to do her very important, heavy work, has helped Naxalia mend and heal. Though she will always mourn the loss of the man she once loved, she knows that his soul could not be allowed to see another cycle.

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