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Past Actions

Action by Zaltar

(Public Action, OOC Date: Dec. 10, 2019, 11:38 a.m.)

Zaltar prays to a varrious amount of the gods, mainly Brundir. Among his prayer and meditation he focuses on the statue garden in hopes he will be granted a vision. He asks some others to help again uncover more about the statue garden, attempting to expand the angles in which they can seek more answers. Zaltar also tries to learn more about the statue that he found the inscription on and learns Dwarven, Human and Harthling from High Priest Rawlin to aid in prehaps uncovering more clues.

Thorin eagerly contributes his time and energy to this research into one of the strangest places in the city of shrines, fulfilling his promise to Zaltar for research assistance. He spends hours upon hours in the the statue garden inspecting each and every statue, giving special attention to the one with the inscription and the other, similarly abstract-seeming statues. He recruits several scholars from the Acadeum's ranks to help with this, and another several from within the Ishtari's ranks to hit the books in the libraries in Thelos and Isalspire for any reference, no matter how obscure.

Aeretheo is doing what he can to drum up some support for beseeching the gods for a vision in answer the mystery of the Statue Garden. He goes from one shrine to another to encourage the prayers of the faithful, enticing their curiosity toward the history of the holy city. After making his rounds and seeing fresh incense to Loran's shrine, he toils away his time in studying the garden, searching it over and piecing together the information gathered to try and come to a conclusion as to its origins. He often breaks into prayer in the midst of taking notes, speaking with Loran as if she were standing right beside him while he works.

Kylen has started to examine the local plant life near the statues and how the area has been affecting them. Various samples of the ivy and moss have been taken and closely examined, both from within the garden and the surrounding area. He hopes that in discerning exactly what changes are taking place as they enter in to the vicinity they may be able to deduce what manner of phenomenon is occurring there. Throughout the week he dedicates a significant portion of his free time to comparing the samples and the differences between them, as well as how time away from the strange energies has affected them.

Zaltar leads a research group, notably including Thorin, Kylen and Aeretheo, and dives into the mysterious Statue Garden of Thelos. Perhaps the first thing they discover, is that the statues themselves don't actually move-- it's all a trick of craftsmanship and perception.

Kylen studies the vegetation specifically, comparing the greenery inside the fence and without. He takes samples from both areas, and he finds a few things. Firstly, the samples from inside the garden simply seem.. old. They're bruised, as if a heavy weight has been resting on them for untold years. Second, they wither the same as any other plant when removed from their stalks and roots.

Zaltar spends a bit more time at one particular statue with a geometric style that speaks to Dwarven aesthetic. The inscription below confirms that, as it's written in Dwarven. 'You weren't just an Oracle, you were a friend. You shall be missed.' There's nothing more to indicate who the statue might be for, or who constructed it.

Thorin's team spends a large amount of their time among the more abstract statues, and slowly a theory starts to coalesce. From a particular angle, this statue almost looks like a cracked-open geode, or maybe a cavern of crystals? This other statue, when gazed at from the northeast, could be a waterfall. This one, here: is it, perhaps, a stylized lighthouse? It isn't easy, and it's a lot of guesswork, but at least some of the abstract shapes might be objects, or things, rendered in an obtuse fashion.

It's Aeretheo who brings it all together, in his prayers and study. He encourages faithful to look into the history of their city, but.. isn't that just what this is? It's history, it's memory given shape and form, which might just be why so many of the statues don't fit shapes that the elves know. These are markers of events, of places and people important to those that dwelled in Thelos, however long ago, before the elves ever touched these shores.