Estelle Naevon

If it left a trace, I /will/ find it!

Concept: Mystic Researcher
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Naevon
Gender: Female
Age: 77
Birthday: 7/1
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Cornsilk
Eye Color: Ghostly Gray
Skintone: Porcelain
Marital Status: unwed

Description: One may describe this petite, curvaceous beauty as one whose smile lights up a room. Her pin-straight hair's strands look as if made of pure cornsilk descending to to her mid-back. Ghostly gray eyes gaze out with a thrist echoing within as she scans over all she sees. Her finely tapered ears extend out from the lightly curled locks angling slightly away from the head towards the tips. Her face is ovular with thick, plush lips that appear so smooth and soft they almost seem to ask to be kissed. Her nails are finely manicured and are so well cared for they almost look clear.

Personality: Optimistic and curious are the best ways to describe Estelle. It is rare that she does not have a smile on her face or isn't off studying they various genres that gain her obsessing. And above all else, she is a lush for partying and lavish things.

Background: Estelle was still rather young when her family crossed over to Arandor and has lived most of her life there. Her passions tend to take her into interesting situations or unexpected adventures and she welcomes it with fervor. She is the youngest out of all of her siblings and was generally quite spoiled whenever it was able, perhaps that is why she is so optimistic about people and the world she lives in. Always trying to find the good in another. Rumor has it she has been heavily researching about something in the immortal lands for the better part of her life.

Obituary: It had been some time since Estelle Naevon was heard from. An optimistic yet curious woman, she would often head out into the forest for weeks on end to conduct her research. Which is why none in her family thought anything more of it when she went missing for longer than usual.

Sadly, a patrol sent out to the west of Isalspire found her corpse among the wilds of the forest. It looked as though she had tried to defend herself, but to no avail. She was far too young to have suffered such a fate. But She will be remembered among her family as intelligent and thoughtful.

Relationship Summary

  • Archanor - We have always been rather close and I enjoy seeing him smile, when I can draw it out of him. I know he misses the times I barely remember.

  • Name Summary
    Alexandria She has a rather adventurous heart, and I think we might be on the road to becoming fast friends.