Lord Talyn Palinnar

For every action there are consequences unseen.

Concept: Disciplined Warrior
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Palinnar
Gender: Male
Age: 193
Birthday: 08/19
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'10"
Hair Color: Coal black
Eye Color: Azure
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Married

Description: While there are many scars upon this elf, the marks of numerous battles, there is one that is simply highlighted. The one that everyone sees when they look at him. An angry thing that cuts across his brow, over bright blue eye, and travels on across his cheek. A scar that has him looking grim no matter if he smiles or is maudlin in mood. Even those long locks of black hair sweep down and cover his good side most often, rather than attempting to obscure that marking. Fitting, perhaps, for he cuts an intimidating figure otherwise as well. He is tall, broad shouldered and muscular, with a body that has been honed for battle. His carriage is a confident thing, with a commanding presence about him.

Personality: Though typically Talyn is quite withdrawn and moody there are those moments where he just shines. This might take the form of a quick comment, a flash of a bright smile, or an attempt to make eye contact with a stranger just to offer introduction. That he can be mercurial in temperament might make him tiring, but he is loyal and true to those closest to him. After all, he knows the price of loss well and strives to ensure that others do not need to face it.

Background: The arrival of the twins was a joyous thing, a cause for celebration. After all, both boys were born strong and healthy, one dusky with a bright shock of moonlight hair and the other with pale skin and a dark mop atop his head. The elder brother was named Daras while the younger was given the name Talyn.

Though they were quite similar in childhood, sharing the same tastes and goals, their preferences changed as they grew. Daras was the sweet one, outgoing and boisterous, always inspiring a laugh and bringing joy. Talyn was more complicated, quiet and sullen, studying before reacting and often withdrawn. It was an understood thing that Daras was the favorite, even to Talyn himself, who was always grudgingly accepting.

That made the shock of Daras' betrayal all the more brutal. Both boys were more martially inclined, with Talyn learning the blade and the blade alone with the full of his focus while Daras diversified slightly and became an adept spellblade. Certainly the boys fought, be it over a romantic interest or a prized position, but in the end hands were always clasped. Perhaps it was this union that allowed them to be unrivaled together on the battlefield and that made the truth even more devastating. Talyn served loyally and Daras, he consorted with the enemy: courting with agents of The Host during the Eradication War.

It was Talyn himself who turned him in. He turned blade upon brother and drug him to the Court of Souls for judgement (earning a bitter scar in the process). It was there that he saw his brother executed and reaped. He was never the same thereafter, of course. He retreated from any and all, manifesting only as a steadfast figure upon the battlefield.

They say that time heals all wounds however and, with the travel to Aarandor, he has manifested again. His blade was presented to King and family to be taken up by whatever cause they see fit. Once more he serves, looking to reconnect, even if it is in a much more solitary fashion.

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