Elder Luthien Reid

The best journeys are filled with new and undiscovered wonders

Concept: Path-Blazing Optimist
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Reid
Gender: Female
Age: 111
Birthday: 7/14
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Fiery Red
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Skintone: Peach
Marital Status: unwed

Description: Luthien is a petite dynamo. Her face is heart-shaped and small, with wide, calm sapphire eyes that regard the world with a gentle curiosity, optimism and hope. Her hair is fiery red and close-cropped, kept in short little curls. A pair of long, graceful ears on either side of her head are pierced with several hoops. She speaks in a quiet, calm tone, as though lulling beasts is her soul and second nature.

(Luthien's curls are tamed with oils and golden barrettes. Her skin is clean and glowing, and she smells like leather and crisp morning air.)

Personality: Luthien radiates a peaceful tranquility when she is with animal companions. In Gala's shrine, she can be most often found tending to wounded animals she brings to the glade from all over, talking to them in sweet, soft tones. Her wolf is her best friend, and she talks with him like she would any family member. With elves she newly meets, she hides her more gentle, sensitive side: she's more boisterous, with ready jokes and a quick wit that make her fun at parties or in the Inn. As she gets to know others, or when she's in her role as an Elder, she is sympathetic, an excellent listener, and gives good advice. She's got a genuine joy for life, as Gala commands, and wants to see all elves enjoying life, too. Her temper can blow in like a summer storm when her buttons are pushed - especially if she sees heresy, cruelty or injustice - but is all sun and smiles when the storm passes, especially if there's repentance from the one who caused the tempest. Mercy is to be given - but should be asked for. She helps elves see the way.

Background: The bond of Honaneo Reid and the once Adhaska Aynarr was a close one and blossomed into a marriage. It ended shortly after Luthien was born, when a battle returned both of her parents to the wheel at the mere age of 20. She was left alone with her brother, Hrafn, and needed to learn on her own what it would take to make her way in the world.

Even from birth, her parents had seen that she took more after her mother and had a natural closeness with the beasts. She nurtured this talent, working closely with the wolves of the military - at first just feeding and caring for them, but learning to train them, and other animals as well. She kept a rookery for owls, trained wolves and companion pets, and set out looking for what she could find. Exploration was a great way for her to find animals she could work with, and she found joy in the tranquility of working with a small group of elves, learning more about the world around them. She became a scout with the military as soon as she turned 50.

Shortly after joining the military, she answered Gala's call and became an initiate in the Galan priesthood. Her talent with animals needed a focus, and she wanted to serve Gala by learning to heal animals and work with elves, listening to them and offering guidance, as young as she was. She found her youth could be to her advantage, as it was easy to make people feel comfortable with her, and she could help ease them through the rites of forgiveness. She became a Priestess shortly before the elves had to flee Larandor.

After the Crossing, she realized the deep need the elves who remained had for Gala and her forgiveness. Her calling was to help the elves of Aarandor, and she became an Elder. Luthien still works with the beasts, but her heart knows where she is needed. Every elf has a tale to tell. Every elf needs someone to listen. Every elf needs forgiveness, or to forgive. Luthien will be there to help.

Relationship Summary

  • Hrafn - Luthien's brother Hrafn has always been a bit distant - much more cold and Faenor than she, but she knows he loves her, and he is always there when she needs him. She just needs to help him learn to laugh a little bit more! Gala wants us to enjoy life! Hrafn needs to learn how.

  • Friend:
  • Zedmir - Zedmir is a good friend to explore fun little projects with. He wants to help me with a project, and I'd like to help him look better to the Faenor. We'll have to keep working together!
  • Rigoth - Rigoth is a good friend of Luthien's, and she enjoys working with him and his wolf companion, Skjoldr. She thinks he needs to relax a bit sometimes - he's very studious - and could use a reminder that Gala wants us to enjoy life!
  • Gureylain - Gureylain is going to be Luthien's mentor in all things relating to scouting. He can shoot a bow better than anyone Luthien has ever seen! It's incredible, and he's got so many great stories, like he's been roaming the wilderness for centuries!
  • Dunlain - Gureylain introduced Luthien to Dunlain, and the two hit it off right away. It doesn't matter that he's Thalerith, or older - they've got the same zest for life deep in their bones. He's not Galan, and this surprises Luthien sometimes, because he certainly acts Galan in many ways. She cares deeply for Dunlain and it wouldn't shock her if someday they had to fight it out to see who's moving where.

  • Family:
  • Ellyn - Cousin High Lord Ellyn is one of my favorite people. She's quick to look out for me, gives great advice, and keeps me from making mistakes when my head is too in the clouds. Sometimes, she even asks me advice, too. I'd never hesitate to bring my problems to her.
  • Alethia - Luthien's cousin Alethia is a great companion. Often serious, she seems to relax around Luthien, and this is something that brings Luthien joy. She loves Alethia.
  • Zaltar - Zaltar is Luthien's cousin and he can drive her up the wall. He's very mild-mannered, to the point of being almost passive, and yet he takes every opportunity to try to be 'better' than her and get under her skin. He's barely a man for goodness sakes! But Luthien's an elder. She can handle him.
  • Qahir - Luthien's cousin Qahir was Thalerith and is now Aeran. He's a beastmaster, like she is, and the two have endless things to talk about in the realms of both Gala and the beasts.

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