Elder Luthien Reid

The best journeys are filled with new and undiscovered wonders

Concept: Path-Blazing Optimist
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Reid
Gender: Female
Age: 111
Birthday: 7/14
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Fiery Red
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Skintone: Peach
Marital Status: unwed

Description: Luthien is a petite dynamo. Her face is heart-shaped and small, with wide, calm sapphire eyes that regard the world with a gentle curiosity, optimism and hope. Her hair is fiery red and close-cropped, kept in short little curls. A pair of long, graceful ears on either side of her head are pierced with several hoops. She speaks in a quiet, calm tone, as though lulling beasts is her soul and second nature.

(Luthien's short red curls cannot be contained or managed and are in complete disarray, giving her a carefree air. Her cheeks have a healthy pink glow.)

Personality: A peaceful tranquity seems to echo about Luthien whenever she is out in nature or with her animal companions. But within the city, she is much more flirtacious, perhaps it is a nervous tick or just how she is with people. It is truly hard to tell. Whenever alcohol is imbibed, she seems to let go of that flirtacious fascade and let her genuine self show.

Background: The bond of Honaneo Reid and the once Adhaska Aynarr was a close one and blossomed into a marriage. It was a whirlwind affair that ended shortly after Luthien was born, a battle took both of her parents from her at the mere age of 20. And even from birth, her parents saw that she took more after her mother and had a natural closeness with the beasts. As time grew on, she grew a closer bond with them but also seems to crave attention for other people as well. And to distract herself, she set out on training on how to hunt down corruption.

After the great migration she focused on bonding with the wolves and soon trying to bond with other beasts as well. Even know she is working toward earning the title as an Expert Beastmaster, perhaps even help build a settlement or two on newer unexplored lands.

Relationship Summary

  • Rigoth=Rigoth Is A Good Buddy. Luthien Enjoys Training His Wolf - Skjoldr.
  • Zedmir - Zedmir is a good friend to explore fun little projects with. He wants to help me with a project, and I'd like to help him look better to the Faenor. We'll have to keep working together!
  • Rigoth - Rigoth is a good friend of Luthien's, and she enjoys working with him and his wolf companion, Skjoldr. She thinks he needs to relax a bit sometimes - he's very studious - and could use a reminder that Gala wants us to enjoy life!
  • Gureylain - Gureylain is going to be Luthien's mentor in all things relating to scouting. He can shoot a bow better than anyone Luthien has ever seen! It's incredible, and he's got so many great stories, like he's been roaming the wilderness for centuries!
  • Dunlain - Gureylain introduced Luthien to Dunlain, and the two hit it off right away. It doesn't matter that he's Thalerith, or older - they've got the same zest for life deep in their bones. He's not Galan, and this surprises Luthien sometimes, because he certainly acts Galan in many ways. She cares deeply for Dunlain and it wouldn't shock her if someday they had to fight it out to see who's moving where.

  • Family:
  • Ellyn - Cousin High Lord Ellyn is one of my favorite people. She's quick to look out for me, gives great advice, and keeps me from making mistakes when my head is too in the clouds. Sometimes, she even asks me advice, too. I'd never hesitate to bring my problems to her.
  • Alethia - Luthien's cousin Alethia is a great companion. Often serious, she seems to relax around Luthien, and this is something that brings Luthien joy. She loves Alethia.

  • Name Summary