Aegon Keir

Year after year they keep sending young Elves up my mountain, but I send every one back a Soldier.

Concept: Master-at-Arms
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Keir
Gender: Male
Age: 545
Birthday: 11/8
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Pepper Gray
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Single

Description: This elf is of average height for a male, but stout enough that he might have once passed as human in Larandor. Broad of shoulder and of brow, he has a hardness to his features that is softened by a little age-related padding around the middle. Age has also blessed him with a beard of peppered gray which he keeps short and squared away, matching the black and white of his hair. The sides of his head are shaved bald around his ears down to his neck, revealing three parallel lines of ritual scarring on each temple. Without doubt, his body carries even more scars, ritual or otherwise.

Personality: Aegon is not unlike the wolves his people train as companions in that he has a personality for when he is working, and one for when he is not. In the field, whether he be fighting alongside his troops or training them, he is a hardnosed and ferocious force of nature. When he's not attending to his duties, he is quick to laugh, perhaps quicker to smile, and is downright playful. In either arena, he would simply describe himself as a passionate old elf.

Background: He grew up in a family of warriors and so he became a soldier and lived a young soldier's life with little thought too it until the Harbingers revealed themselves. This was elf on elf conflict in a scale he had never known, but in service to Estril he made good work of it. Tempered into a warrior who feared little during that conflict, he became something of a mascot to his men. Over time soldiers die or retire or get promoted, but Aegon wasn't a leader then or now.

He could follow orders, and he could fight, but he didn't have the mind for leadership and strategy needed to advance. For generations he served, a constant inspiration for the young soldiers he served next to, always surviving and persisting. He would steady them in the field with his courage and help them "grow up right" with drink and celebration off of it. Until the Mortal Strife.

Here his courage wavered, and for a time he was no longer a soldier who inspired, but one who carried a sense of dread around with him like a great pack upon his shoulders. No longer did he radiate calmness in battle, nor joviality at the inn. When the Host came, he managed to find a new patron God in Rithor, and he was born again in the blood of that horrible war as an elf without fear or mercy.

When the Third Migration began, he asked to stay and defend what he called "the retreat" against any offensive from the Host. He was voluntold by his commander to travel with his kin and keep them safe instead. Beset by further calamity during the trip, Aegon found himself on of few surviving soldiers of experience in the new land. Still a poor leader, he was promoted to the highest position he might be qualified for and lives now as a trainer of the young soldiers of Faenor.

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