Zorasta Marindur

I haven't chosen to die yet, there's still so much to see and do.

Concept: Daredevil Archer
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Marindur
Gender: Female
Age: 115
Birthday: 5/1
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Abjurationist
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Reddish Gold
Eye Color: Violet
Skintone: Honey
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: This woman stands a few inches over six feet. She is slim of figure, but with a lean strength rippling beneath honey-toned skin. A gift from more than half her life spent outdoors probably. Despite her slip build she still is distinctly feminine. An angular face with high cheekbones and expressive lips looks out on the world. Her violet eyes are surrounded by thick lashes. It makes them bold and a bit of makeup makes them pop. Reddish brown brows are as expressive as her lips and match with the more reddish gold of her head. These locks flowing long down her back, but usually kept in intricate braids. Beads often glimpsed woven within the otherwise wavy hair.

(Zorasta wears well-worn leathers made for weathering the outdoors. It has the styling of most Aeran's and is dyed in greens and blues. Beneath the vest she wears silvery silky blouse. Archers bracers circle her wrists and usually she can be seen with a hip quiver and bow as well.)

Personality: She was young still when everything happened. Barely out of her youth when they made the crossing. So it is perhaps no surprise that she approaches this new life with child-like enthusiasm. The wonder is a bit skeptical, careful, but that doesn't stop her from throwing herself at things with energy and vigor. Now that mortality is lifted and there is life to live, she plans to do that.

Background: Zorasta was born in that time after the Feast but before the strife. Most of her childhood she knew calm and she knew immortality. But she was old enough to remember when it left. When the Strife came. The fear it caused in her family and herself was great. Yet in that fear she found a certain excitement.

As her parents looked for answers, brilliants mystics, she did what she could. Made sure they ate, asked questions that made them approach the problem from new angles, and mostly was a helpful child. She learned a lot, but it didn't help. There -was- no answer. Yet being so young it wasn't hard for her to adapt to knowing she might die.

That is probably why when the War came she joined in. An adult by then she had found strength in fear. As a budding abjurist and archer she was relegated to rear fighting. That didn't stop her from almost dying when an enemy took an axe to her side. She has scars from the war. Scars she wears proudly. She tells people she chose not to die then, and so she didn't.

The crossing lost her both her parents. It left her in a grim place. Left her in a place of 'What Ifs'. It led to her taking risks on the crossing, but also saving a few lives with her magic and, some would say, suicidal actions. Yet she survived the crossing and found herself on the rocky shores of a new world. And immortality in her veins again.

After the crossing she still had her family, but she felt distant. Her parents and she had always been a trio. They had always been there. The loss had shaken her and it took her a long time to recover. Some would say she got more bold. She certainly earned a few more scars. Yet she usually came out on top.

As the Aeran have settled their cliffs the need to explore has become more important. In the time since the crossing she has, mostly, gotten over the deaths of her parents. She has come out of it daring and bold and willing to do and try things others would hesitate to. She seems to live for the hard choices.

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