Novice Danai Egilion

A pen can be mightier than a sword but only if used correctly.

Concept: Quiet and Bookish
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Egilion
Gender: Female
Age: 57
Birthday: 2/14
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 6'1
Hair Color: Silvery Blonde
Eye Color: Silver
Skintone: Porcelain
Marital Status: Single

Description: This woman is slender, but with a decent sized chest, with long limbs. Her body is not built for combat, in fact it is quite delicate. Even her facial features, though with a sharpness, to them bear a sense of delicacy. Her silvery blonde hair is long, coming to her backside, and her eyes are a silvery hue, just dark enough to pop against her porcelain skin.

Personality: Danai is a woman of few words, at least when speaking. She doesn't use her voice often because she believes the written word has less chances of being misunderstood. She can be very cheeky or mean with what she writes, which can land her in trouble. She often feels as if she is dismissed for things because of her choice to write over speak. That is fine with her though, it means the observations she has of people and her surroundings are more informative than one would expect. She doesn't enjoy being the center of attention, that takes away from her observation. Her combat and social prowess lack very much, as she is more of an intellect and observer.

Background: Danai recalls very little of her life back on Larandor. Mere glimpses of it. She was a very young child, born but a few years. She understands many of her loved ones were killed by the Host and she was left orphaned. She was placed into the care of her aunt, Verral, the sister of her father Jonas. Verral was the mother of some of Danai's cousins, including Kellam, her aunt's oldest son. Kellam would become very significant in Danai's life very soon.

When it was time for the Third Migration, that would bring the Elves to Aarandor after many trials and tribulations, Verral told Danai to hide until she came and got her. For her own safety. Danai recalls flashes of hiding and waiting for her aunt. It was only when she was older that Danai learned the truth. Her aunt left her to die. However, Kellam was not pleased with this when he found out what had happened. He went back for Danai and for many years refused to go near his mother. He, being a fair bit older than Danai, raised her. He would have little to do with his mother and kept Danai away from her.

So, Danai spent her childhood learning from her most beloved cousin, who was like a father to her, and with him she was well taken care of. With him she witnessed Thelos becoming a thing, seeing Islaspire be built up and destroyed then rebuilt. The floods taking the home she had with her cousin. Grudgingly her aunt finally found a way to make peace with Kellam but very soon after she lost her life. Though Kellam nor Danai had fully forgiven her for leaving Danai to die they did mourn her death.

And as she grew Danai joined The Galithryn Acadeum and became friends with various people. When the Army of Trees was found and seemed to attack Danai offered up to be the organizer of the healers and was given the task. Though, she had hoped things would resolve peacefully they did not fully but casualties were lessened. When the call for champions for Bruindir were called she applied and was denied the first time but when one of the Champions became unable she was chosen and got to meet her beloved God. After that she continued on with her observations of everything and involving herself in the going ons when it interested her.

Relationship Summary

  • Verral - My aun but I despise her even though she has passed on. She left me for dead. She abandoned me when I was too young to fight for myself. What made her do that?

  • Acquaintance:
  • Elleth - I met her one day after noticing her watching me. She has many plans. I hope to one day know what they are.

  • Family:
  • Trevarius - Uncle Trevarius was not happy with Aunt Verral for leaving me to die back in Larandor. I wonder if he is still unhappy about it?
  • Erotas - Uncle Erotas is wonderful and cares deeply for his family. He puts faith in my skills and thinks I will be a capable leader one day. He is wise. Maybe he is right.

  • Parent:
  • Jonas - My father. I don't remember much of him. His life was taken by THe Host, as I understand it. I am sure he loved me dearly, though.

  • Duindar:
  • Lunan - Is he a friend? Something more? He took me on a date. My first date. We disagree on many things. I wonder what we will be. He seems to prefer I speak over write.
  • Valeria - I feel as if she dismisses me. She did not seem to like my volunteering to lead the healers for the Duindars during the Army of Trees attack. I might have misunderstood her words and actions.
  • Theleria - THe First Citizen. Sbe put faith in me to lead our healers during the Army of Trees crisis. Will she continue to put faith in me?

  • Faenor:
  • Emyrion - He is wiling to give me information about things. I am into anything of interest that he has to share. Be it someone seeking a spouse, his dfavorite color, some knowledge he has, anyhing. It should be fun.

  • Thelos:
  • Kenyon - A champion of Buindir like me.
  • Hatharal - A champion of Buindir like me.
  • Selandriel - A champion of Buindir like me.
  • Alexandria - A champion of Buindir like me.
  • Rigoth - A champion of Buindir like me.
  • Moyanet - A champion of Buindir like me.
  • Ember - A champion of Buindir like me.
  • Mihris - A champion of Buindir like me.

  • Patron:
  • Bruindir - I met my God. He was amazingg. I am still wabbling back and forth on the idea that I might have just been in his pesence in my dreams. I don't think it was but meeting your God is like a dream.

  • Friend:
  • Qahir - A childhood friend. He is wonderful company. I had to patch him up a lot. He doesn't care that I write more tha speak.
  • Rania - Rania is a childhood friend. She and I both use to heal Qahir and we get along good. I very much enjoy her company.
  • Kythaela - A very good friend. She is quite meddlesome in my life. She makes me do soial things and I feel like she is seeking someone for me to be with. I don't mind her meddling. I understand it is love.
  • Celenia - A dear friend. Like Kythaela she likes to meddle in my life and see what she can get me to do that is social. We are also working on projects together. Her company is enjoyable.

  • Name Summary