Sentinel Magnus Geminiel

We have abandoned our allies like cowards, so we better make sure we make the most of this borrowed time.

Concept: Stern Spellblade
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Geminiel
Gender: Male
Age: 340
Birthday: 3/1
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Spellblade
Height: 6'10
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Dusky
Marital Status: Married

Description: With blue eyes and a black hair down to his shoulders over the traditional dusky skin of his birth kinship, Magnus strikes an imposing 6'10. There's a keen intellect behind his eyes as he goes about it, as if he's always observing everything around himself. With his chiseled features and agile build, one can easily see the strength it takes to handle the vigors of his profession in his limbs.

Personality: A stoic man when crossed, with a raging thunderstorm underneath. He has an inner focus that drives him, and it shows in his charisma, his energy, his spellcasting. He isn't a man prone to random outbursts, and only smiles very rarely. Thalerith born, he's also adopted a few Duindar traits, such as the desire to improve ones lot in life. He, like the rest of the Thalerith, firmly believes The Migration was a mistake he had no choice but to go along with but he wants to see the kinships thrive, no matter what.

Background: Born to House Devrien, Magnus was always one of the more aggressive ones among the family. Unsuited for the stealthy ways that were traditional for his House, he sought direction in life from a variety of books and mentors. Eventually, he enlisted in the Thalerith military; both to defend his people, and to improve his skills.

Of course, his only real peers were the Amethyst Order of the Duindar and he ended up finding a mentor among their ranks. Finding sparring partners who could match his interests at last, just in time for the Eradication War to start.

He spent the better part of the war working with the Spellblades in an effort to learn their styles, and it was during this time socializing among their armies that he met Tamora. Magnus had dated women before, but Tamora reached a part of him many did not, and they become close. More and more, he had a sense of belonging among the Duindar in comparison to his own kinship. So when the Third Migration started, he used his magical abilities with the other mages in an effort to reinforce their passing, almost sending himself overboard more than once as he kept people going over themselves.

Given no choice in the Migration, Magnus nonetheless tried to see it as a new beginning, and decided to accept Tamora's proposal to marry on the other side. Marrying into House Geminiel and enlisting in the Amethyst Order officially, Magnus seeks to protect his new kinship and his wife and son from the potential dangers of this new world.

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