Lord Myriil Brixtien

Your mind is a muscle; Do not let it submit to atrophy.

Concept: Timid Scholar
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Brixtien
Gender: Male
Age: 93
Birthday: 7/2
Patron: Torth
Vocation: Steward
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Obsidian
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Divorced

Description: Leaning more towards a slender, shorter stature, Myriil possesses the physique of bookwarm. Most of his facial features are sharp, with an angular brow ridge and thin, smooth chin. Soft, thin lips are shaped in a similarly angular design, topped with a petite, pointed nose. Leading down from his youthful face trails into that slender, scholarly body, with longer limbs than would naturally fit his torso. Delicate, uncalloused fingers lead out from those soft hands and thin wrists.

Personality: For the rare occasion that Myriil is social enough to be out and about, in Thelos, he is presented as incredibly reserved. It's an even more rare occasion where he initiates a conversation with anyone he doesn't know well, unless he absolutely has to. When he does speak, it is with compassion and unrelenting interest in more scholarly interests.

Background: It has been an... Awkward life for, Myriil to say the least. Having been brought into the world just a few years before the Elven race lost it's immortality, he didn't really have the chance that most of his Kin had to experience the joys of everlasting life. All around him, fear of death and decay was on the tongue of his family and friends. It made the process of making friends all that more difficult for a young, scholarly Elf, and perhaps a bit off putting.

Of course, this could also have been what Myriil used as his excuse to remain the presistent recluse that he has always been. After all, there was never this fear of death in the stories he read. It couldn't have been denied then, that he held a preference for remaining in doors with a good book in his hands, rather than going out and about, socializing, much to the dismay of his family. This dismay slowly sprouted into a fear that Myriil would never find a suitable mate, and do his part to help continue the family line.

So, when the opportunity arose for a new family member to be wed into the family, they were quite eager to arrange Myriil into wedlock. The question now is, if this new wife will be able to drag him out of his shell and help to dismantle his timid nature.

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