Scipio Egilion

It is said that armies can lose their commander, warriors can be stripped of their arms, but even the most ordinary man cannot be deprived of his will so long as he keeps a place for it burning in his heart.

Concept: Fiery Warrior
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Egilion
Gender: Male
Age: 97
Birthday: 8/03
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'9"
Hair Color: Faded Black
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Skintone: Ashen Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Towering and broad shouldered, Scipio possesses a manner and bearing which only adds to the sense of vital physicality he embodies. His face is intense and his brow is creased from focus. His nose is short, and perhaps once was of noble character, but it was broken and is now notched and flattened. Cobalt blue eyes blink rarely, stare often, and brood on occasion. Black-ish hair, cut short and then allowed to grow back up, combed straight and back, clipped out of the way.

Personality: Scipio feels things strongly. This can lead to abrupt swings in emotion. The one thing which is rock solid constant is his loyalty and fidelity to the family, and to his duties. A negative trait he picked up from his family is seeing his own thought process as 'obvious', and he can sometimes get frustrated when others come to other conclusions. When he feels out of step with the other Egilion, which is often, Scipio seeks wild places alone. This is dangerous of course, and that fact is what draws him as much as does the solitude.

Background: Born to a large family of talented Mages, it seemed to be Scipio's destiny to follow in the footsteps of his forebears. When they realized he wholly lacked the sort of connection to the fundamental miracle of life and magic they all shared, it was received as a calamity by his parents. Even as a child, Scipio could feel the change. There was never any less love, but expectations? Hopes? His parents no longer dreamed for the future he would have. Instead, they worried. Would their youngest ever be capable of living outside the care and supervision of their household?

The arrival of the Host provided the impetuous to leave the safety of Mother's garden. With the beat of the drums of war echoing the pounding of his pulse in his ears, Scipio answered the call that so many of the young have over the millenia. He would place himself between his loved ones, and war's desolation. Enlisting, he took up sword and shield, spear and javelin and applying himself to their study with a single minded focus, he became first an accomplished soldier and eventually, a fearsome one.

Though he excelled at the business of War, his life changed hilariously little despite the onset of genocidal warfare. The rest of his family made no secret of the fact that they worried over their youngest member. His lack of any mystic ability whatsoever left them to consider him defenseless, and no practical demonstration of his proficiency with the spear or sword would assuage their concern. His older siblings, meanwhile, continued to exceed him in every regard, employing their magics in the defense of Larandor.

The retreat from the Dying Lands upset Scipio, and the betrayal of the Old Alliance gnaws at him still. His time in the Aarondar has not been the renewal, the rebirth that others see it as. He girds himself for battle once more, not only with the contentious cousins who might threaten the safety of the Duindar, but the Host. Scipio remains convinced that this new land is only a temporary staging ground and not a home. Someday, and soon, the People will regain their sense and their drive, and they will return in glory.

My family. Grandfather Vitruvio, an old scholar, who passed away long ago. He fathered several children, one of whom was my mother.

Niteo is my Mother. An extremely powerful Mage, with a focus on magics involving the Earth and Growth. She is a boundless font of love, not only for her family, but for the world as a whole. She can look upon a fish in a brook, a salmon passing by which she will never see again, and legitimately say," Good luck fish-friend, I'm rooting for you!". She spends most of her time in her garden, contemplating the mysteries of magic, and worrying about me for I have no such connection to the arcane.

Ignatio is my father. He's a powerful Mage. Gone, but I refuse to believe that he is dead. He went missing on a raid against the Host later in the war. Mother also believes him to still live, though The Wise Sister and The Inspired Sister think this is sentimentality which blinds her. I remember his devotion to the Gods and the traditions of our people, his unyielding determination and bravery, and his eternal love for mother. I can only pray I become a fraction of the man he was.

The Wise Sister and The Inspired Sister are the first set of twins. They function best as a matched pair. While The Wise Sister is impressive with her raw brilliance and analytical insight, it is The Inspired Sister who possesses the creative spark genius calls for. Accomplished Mages, they tend to their studies of this new land we have been forced to flee to.

Tamrith and Lansalar. The second set of twins my parents had, they were the 'middle' children, Mother's 'perfect baby boys'. They were both Mages and deeply skilled in the art. They fought valiantly in the Eradication War, and with distinction. They perished together, delaying a flanking sweep of the Host, turning what could have been the annihilation of an entire army into merely a crushing defeat.

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