Faidh Alcaldia

Sicken of the calm, those who know the storm.

Concept: Ethereal Seer
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Male
Age: 610
Birthday: 10/30
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Stormseer
Height: 7"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Heterochromia (B/G)
Skintone: Snow White
Marital Status: Single

Description: Ethereal with long white hair draping down past his hips, flowing and rolling like the waves in a storm, filled with a healthy shine and enough body to show the care and attention given to it. His features are sharp like many of the Elven kin are known for, his eyebrows sharp and curved upwards, a thoughtful brown over a pair of heterochromia eyes - one blue and one green, left and right respectively. His lips are thin and soft, sitting comfortably under a sharp nose. His frame is not built like a warriors, instead given to a slight athletic build that gives itself more to exercise and living well - rather than any hard and rough training.

Personality: Some would say Faidh is a quiet sort - happy to keep to themselves and not bother much with the outside world. For Faidh, it's far less that he's quiet, and it's more that he's simply got his head in the clouds, or buried in a book. People are good and fun, but he finds that he tires out too easily in social settings.

Background: Many in House Alcaldia find the touch of water comes easily to them. To manipulate it, evoke it, twist it and do as they will with it. For Faidh, while his abilities with Evocation and the Lifewell mean that he can manipulate water just fine, his elements are more of stormy wind and the crack of thunder and lightning.

Born before the arrival of the Host, Faidh served with the Mages - expressly avoiding any politics and downplaying his own abilities so that he never really shone, instead simply playing average so that he could concentrate on his own studies. After all, if he was considered average, people would assume that his obsessive studying meant that he was trying to improve in his art. Instead, he was studying up on the art of the Scry. To save those he cares about from danger, by seeing where a threat was coming from. By allowing the Lifewell to flow through him and to permit him momentary glimpses of the world and the dangers coming.

That art did nothing, however, for the Host. The Host simply arrived, and he was caught off guard by it - but still, the storm helped.

Faidh came to his own defending the Aeran from the Host, hurling lightning and claps of furious thunder from his hands as if he held the fury of the storm itself. Still, the Host were a more furious storm than he ever was, or ever could be - he instead was a pebble thrown into a hurricane. Thankfully, he was able to help with the escape.

Faidh hasn't done much with himself since - at least to others. Maintaining a nominal presence with the Mages, he instead spends most of his time trying to understand the art of scrying, if only to ensure that the Host never catch them unawares again.

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