Commander Kythaela Laenorin

If you don't try, you don't know--but don't do it blindly. Know what it is that you're doing.

Concept: Dynamic Librarian
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Laenorin
Gender: Female
Age: 327
Birthday: 08/08
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Protector
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Silver White
Eye Color: Spring Green
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Single

Titles: Duindar Army Commander

Description: White blond hair floats to her hips when loose, but is almost always restrained in complicated twists and braids that keep her combat-ready. Her eyes are the green of the first shoots of life in the forest in the first of spring. Kythaela moves with the catlike grace of a warrior who has honed her craft, her eyes absorbing all around her with a deliberate calculation to assess each situation, as though she's always looking out for threats.

Personality: Kythaela has a thirst for life. She embraces it with both hands and leaps right into it with purpose. She wants to experience, to know, to learn, to find--ever seeking for meaning and purpose. She loves to learn, to fight, to wield magic and take the care that it needs for control. She's not reckless, but always reaching forward.

Background: Kythaela's childhood was fun, active, worry-free--at least for her. There were worries, as her parents and older family members were still reeling from Estril's Reaping. But she was blind to it all. She wanted to join the Amethyst Order, to fight with sword and with magic. She's an offensive fighter and she focused absolutely on that. Until the Host came. All around her, family and friends were dying. She was out on the front lines, herself, fighting for her life. Gone was that carefree childhood that left her innocent and in the dark. Now, she does things with deliberation. She practices fighting, because she will have to fight. She meditates and works on her magic because it may be what she needs to save her life or the lives she protects someday.

With Kythaela, it's all about protecting now. Protecting her home. Her family. Her kinship. Her way of life. She knows the value of those things very deliberately. So she moves forward with purpose. She has taken up research of late, knowing the import of knowledge. She can fight. She knows how to fight, but fighting isn't always the answer.

Her father lost in the Eradication War, the Great Migration then took more of a toll on her family as it did all of them. She and her younger sister, Celenia were on the same ship, but other family was not and they lost many that crossing. Too many were lost. So many lost. If it wasn't the Host, it was the Crossing. If it wasn't the Crossing, it was the flood that wiped out so much of their kinship 16 years after they arrived, leaving Isalspire a ruin. Still, she picked up the pieces, made sure the family she had left was well and protected and then went back to training.

Relationship Summary

  • Celenia - Younger than Kythaela, she has always felt protective toward Celenia. Especially after all that losses that they have suffered. Her goal is to keep her sister safe, if she can.

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