Senior Curator Nyrena Geminiel

Understanding our past helps us decipher the puzzle of life.

Concept: Meticulous Curator
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Geminiel
Gender: Female
Age: 125
Birthday: 9/12
Patron: Torth
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Deep Red
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Skintone: pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Short yet presenting full hourglass curves, the pale-skinned woman features long deep-red hair that falls to the small of her trim waist. But her eyes are her most striking feature; a deep sapphire blue with gray flecks to them. She dresses meticulously with not a single wrinkle of cloth or hair out of place, and carries herself with a slightly mysterious air though her enthusiasm does sometimes shine through.

Personality: Nyrena is a very passionate about the things she loves, and history and pretty things rate fairly high on that list. She's spirited and dedicated, and has been known to be a little mercurial with her decisions, sometimes letting her passions dictate what she does or where she goes. She has a knack for getting in trouble, and the skill with words to sometimes get her out of it. Her inquisitive nature is supported by a remarkable attention to detail, which can lead to her developing a bit of a tunnel vision when it comes to things like her appearance and work.

Background: As the younger daughter of Senator Vincere Geminiel, Nyrena was blessed by her father's charm and skill in conversation, just like her older sister Limandria. However, unlike her sister, Nyrena displayed no interest in politics and made it a point to avoid going with Vincere and Limandria to any political events, much to her fathers' dismay. Nyrena did have one, well two passions that would guide her through most of her life, a love for history and a love for pretty things. The first would eventually draw her to the ranks of the Ishtari, the second to the worship of Torth. As a child, she would often run off to hide at the Great Library, causing her father to send her older sister to find her. They would make a bit of a game out of it, with Nyrena leaving clues that would lead Limandria to the section of the library where she could be found.

Eventually Limandria's interest drew her closer and closer to her father and politics, while Nyrena continued to focus on following her own path. She fully joined the ranks of the Ishtari when she reached adulthood, and began moving up their ranks through hard work and dedication. Her curiosity often got her a little in trouble, but she usually found a way to slither out of it.

The Eradication War brought a lot of pain to a lot of people, but it hit Nyrena particularly close. The news of her father's passing she received from her sister affected her deeply, and while she wasn't as close to him as Limandria was, he was still her father and she was always grateful that he had given her the space to be herself. She helped Limandria in her efforts to coordinate supplies to the front lines, but when the decision was made to leave Larandor, she joined her fellow scholars in ensuring the contents of the Great Library would be properly catalogued and prepared for the journey ahead.

Nyrena fully supported her sister when she ran for the seat previously held by their father, and was pleased with the results when it was announced her sister had won. She now finds herself the Senior Curator of the Ishtari, continuing to follow her passion to preserve history, while working to expand the influence of the Ishtari and their role in this new world they find themselves in.

Relationship Summary

  • Limandria - My dear sister is a bit of an idealist, but I can't help but love her for it. She has our father's gift, and the willingness to actually listen. I just wish I saw her a little more often than I get a chance to.
  • Deoca - Whenever I see Uncle Deoca, I just want to make him smile. I think he needs to smile a bit more, but I understand him. I think. You can often prod him to life with just a bit of theology conversation, mind you, so that's a good thing.
  • Audreus - Cousin Audreus has lost so much. I feel really bad for her, but I also know she wouldn't welcome those feelings. So I try to steer us towards conversations about magic and the history of war.

  • Ally:
  • Diagones - The Head Scholar can never stay put. She's always doing something, always researching, always looking into things. It's admirable, really, although sometimes I feel her sense of style could use just a tad of help.
  • Saqurius - I met Saqurius while they were doing research at the Great Library, and we ended up bonding over our love of history. Once you get them talking about history, it's a little hard to get them to slow down, but that's quite alright with me.

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