Lord Rhyven Ingith

The world is dark and unkind, but this truth does not make it any less so our duty to remain faithful to our beliefs.

Concept: Grim Loremaster
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Ingith
Gender: Male
Age: 755
Birthday: 12/12
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Old wolf
Height: 6'11"
Hair Color: Ashen White
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Titles: Old Wolf of House Ingith

Description: The signs of age have certainly begun to leave their mark on this tall, stoic and elegant elf. Long ashen white hair is styled back, falling down to just under his neck and flowing freely when touched by the wind. Deep cold and piercing gray eyes are framed by fine strong eyebrows of a darker ashen color that lightly peak at their outer ends. The faint frown that often adorns his brow has left faint wrinkles just above his straight firm nose. The harsh lines of his face are elegant and straight, his cheekbones high and slightly sunken, while his chin is covered with a stubble of ashen white. His skin is pale, with a grayish tone to it and while not overly muscular, his body seems well maintained.

Personality: Severe, cold, grim. These are words often used to describe Rhyven. Displays of warmth are few and shared only with those he's grown closest to. He is direct, but polite, feeling no need to be insulting unless he feels insulted first. He has a knack for both the spoken and written word, yet his work is often considered dark by the standards of most Old Wolves and he much prefers brevity of expression during casual interactions.

Background: The brother of High Lord Geralt Ingith, Lord Rhyven Ingith is the second child of High Lord Harwen Ingith. He spent most of his childhood in the shadow of his older brother, and while Geralt fully embraced the teachings of the Ingith favored patron, the bright goddess Garwen, Rhyven chose to follow the duskier path of Estril, the Reaper of Souls. Geralt was of course, groomed to eventually take over leading the House, and this left Rhyven free to spend his childhood learning the ways of the Lifewell, as well as the history of his people and his family. He spent a good amount of his young adult life traveling Larandor, learning about the other kinships and races, while hoping to find ways to better protect the purity of the Faenor and House Ingith.

During the rise of a new Ithiriel, Elexia Marindur, High Lord Harwen Ingith was vehemently opposed to the Faenor rejoining the other kinships, feeling the children of Garwen had done well enough on their own for the past two thousand years. His position did not find a lot of support among the Council of Five, and the Council voted to come to the aid of the other kinships during dire straights. After the ascension of Ithiriel Elexia, Lord Harwen became reclusive, and worried about his father, Geralt asked Rhyven to return home. Shortly thereafter, Harwen decided to undergo the Ritual of Returning, prompting Geralt's premature ascension to High Lord. Some doubted Geralt's readiness, but Rhyven was not one of them. He stood firmly at his brother's side, serving as the Lord Heir and even marrying after Geralt had secured his own marriage. During this time, Geralt became known as the White Moon of House Ingith, the blinding light destined to guide the House in its quest to banish evil, while Rhyven became known as the Black Moon of House Ingith, ready to wield the bone-chilling glacial magic he was known for at his brother's side, whenever needed.

Rhyven became rather involved with the events of Estril's Feast. His father was known for his beliefs against unification, but both Geralt and Rhyven were known for taking more moderate stances. While Rhyven was not a priest of Estril, he would not have his faith to his goddess questioned and helped capture many Faenor Harbingers, proving himself loyal to the Council of Five and the Ithiriel.

The Black Moon retained the title of Lord Heir until Geralt was blessed with his firstborn daughter, Lythene. Not long after, Rhyven was blessed with his firstborn son, Iefyr. Having no desire to lead, he passed the mantle to his niece, becoming her mentor in matters of history and theology. He fought fiercely during the Eradication War, and faced great loss during the Third Migration with the death of both his wife and his brother Geralt. With Lythene assuming her rightful place as the new High Lord of House Ingith, Rhyven has taken on the role of the House's Old Wolf, documenting the achievements of House Ingith during what he has come to call the Age of Mortals, and becoming known for his grim and often bleak and violent sagas.

Relationship Summary

  • Ideh - Many years have passed since I first met her, back when my purpose was to bring her to justice. Rather, I found myself bringing her justice for the crime she was accused of had nothing to do with her. I am grateful to Estril, for I feel it was the goddess who our paths to cross.

  • Family:
  • Lythene - My niece makes both her father and grandfather proud. She is House Ingith, and with her in charge I foresee many a shadow to flee away from her brightness. Few match her devotion and dedication to our people.
  • Garett - His fury scares many. Good. They should be scared. The lad has lost much, but gained in abundance in turn. That razor sharp focus of his will serve him well in this new darker age we find ourselves in.
  • Boros - He reminds me of Geralt, the way he speaks of Garwen. I swear, my brother would have been High Priest if he had not been destined to be High Lord. But unlike my brother, Boros tends to smile just a little too much. Perhaps that is all right, one of us needs to be known for being personable after all

  • Son:
  • Iefyr - My son, we share a patron goddess and yet we seem to always find ourselves at odds. Perhaps it is your choice of a martial path that is so different from mine that puts this distance between us. Still, you are Ingith, you are my blood, and when you need me, I will be there.

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