Lady Caelia Rylanth

The most beautiful of art is found in nature

Concept: An artistic gardener
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: female
Age: 52
Birthday: 01/01
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Steward
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: pale
Marital Status: Single

Description: Long chestnut curls reach to middle of Caelia's back. Her skin is pale, but often flushed with a sun-touched glow. When she smiles dimples briefly appear. She has brown eyes the color of the earth and fringed with dark lashes. Her face is pretty with delicate features. Caelia is petite for an elf, only reaching to five foot eight. She is often adorned in simple clothing that help her to easily garden or explore in the woods.

Personality: Caelia loves plants and flowers. Some say that she adores them more than she does elves. She likes rare flowers, but also simple weeds. She doesn't seem to have political motivations that go beyond increasing gardens, but she is still is charming and likable, making her of some use in her family's social standing. She has a dreamy side and she loves to paint, especially pictures with plants. She enjoys the woods and the outdoors. She also likes to listen to others and learn about them. She is loyal to her family and wishes to help. She can be at times absent-minded when she gets daydreaming. She can be very focused on projects. She works for her family as a steward and is very interested increasing their crops, forest and grounds. She is a hard worker with lots of plans to increase plant life. She sees the land as a giant piece of art. She is humble about her interest, follows Gala and believes they are blessed to be here in this beauty.

Background: Caelia Rylanth is the daughter of Galin Rylanth. She was born not long after the third migration. The girl's upbringing was rather pleasant. Her father doted on her and cared for her greatly. She had a natural love of plants and such seemed to be catered to. She was allowed to start working in the family gardens at a young age, learning from other members of her family. The girl's father is an artist and he taught Caelia that. Her mother vanished a long time ago when she was small while attempting to exploring the new lands, not long after her birth and not long after the third migration. She had married into the family Rylanth and was known as Lilia. Caelia knows little of her mother, beyond that she loves plants as well and had a way with them. Galin has lately been out and about less and less as he gets more more adsorbed in his work and art. Caelia has been out more and more as she is coming to age and has learned that social skills can help expand resources gardens and plants. She is a likable girl who wants to help her family and her family' lands most of all. She has a love of art and flowers.

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