Lord Priest Gureylain Rylanth

Patience, patience is the key to the hunt, to the search, to seeing. Patience is the means of spending time, and not wasting time.

Concept: Patient Ranger
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: Male
Age: 513
Birthday: 08/22
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Scout
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Ice Blonde
Eye Color: Iridescent Amber
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Married

Titles: House Rylanth Master at Arms, Squire of the Blessed Order of Solaris

Description: Lean and built for movement, Gureylain looks more the acrobat than the warrior. He is not wiry or corded in muscle, but toned and sleek like a hunting feline. Standing six foot seven, with a shower of ice-blonde hair falling from his head, pulled from his face by a series of braids that weave in and out of the loose hair like a net to keep it from interfering from him. Fair skinned, with no visible scars or blemish, save a weathering to his skin from elements, sun, and wind, and rain that has thinned his lips, and sharpened cheek and aristocratic nose. His eyes are amber but bear the iridescence of opals that cause them to shimmer in the right light.

Personality: Calm and calculating, Gureylain is an observer who often takes cues from his surroundings, blending in where and when he can, and adopting the attitude of his surroundings. He does have his own preferences and even enjoys a bit of humor or anecdote from time to time, but has learned that he can glean more from his surroundings by interjecting when he feels appropriate and letting others lead, socially.

Background: Gureylain was born to Varhian Monstald in 461 BA. Brother to Rhion and Nerym he grew up in the military household with his siblings, taking quickly to feats of agility and dexterity more so than those Knightly qualities his family were given to. When he was 90 or thereabouts he began a fiery courtship of a common ranger of the Lorandi, Velisa. Loud and boisterous, the affair was spent in the heat of the moment, much of the time, and courtship wiled away together tracking and exploring the wilds of Larandor. Smitten with her shared enjoyment of the moment and what a lack for care could bring, Gureylain was lost to their combined whims and the romance that bloomed. The two were well on their way to more which was not something that suited his father or the future of the Monstaldt family. Strife and quiet arguments in closed chambers spurred the young elf further on in reckless chase for what he wanted and the passion he was surrendering himself to. All of this would be resolved rather cleanly for Varhian when Gureylains love was found to be amongst the Harbingers. Lounging with her when she was suddenly taken and followed after, witnessing the reaping of those who turned against the Ithiriel and her bid to unite the kinships. A soul sundering blow that struck Gureylain into melancholy and listlessness that sent him spiraling into a seeming endless bout of perpetual, and perhaps petulant, mourning.

When his father set the arrangement for his betrothal to Elonwe Rylanth, and a forlorn Gureylain agreed for what little could he look for now other than duty? He was wed in his mid 100s to the quiet spoken Rylanth historian who was the opposite of the love he had lost. A marriage of politics, without the fire that he dreamed of with his lost Velisa.

The two struggled in their arrangement, the first hundred years made hard by Gureylain's attempt to keep this Elonwe at arms length, to live out his time with her as was needed for his family wishes. It made for a well of tension for them both but Elonwe was of such fortitude and empathy that she held onto hope and in turn slowly drew Gureylain from the depths of his personal darkness. It was then, when he realized the passion behind the patience, and the affection that he misplaced for fawning that they began to be nurtured by the quiet historian that he felt love again. The two had their first child Meygri and Gureylain allowed himself to feel his life flourish once more. Meygri was like him in so many ways but had his mothers way with her quiet moments. The two were close and he taught her the tracks and trails of the Rylanth holdings. Elonwe had given him a reason to embrace and understand the adventure of living was not just in tracking and racing through the woodlands. Life was as it should be and quite soon they were blessed with more children.

His world was shadowed over again, by the Host and their coming. He could live through the loss of his immortality for he had once thought that eternity would be his curse. Until a gentle hand corrected his thoughts on the future and had given a second chance. He had learned to live a long life and you live it well, and cherish those who come to you. The Host however was the ending of everything he had rebuilt for himself. Charged with leading the Rylanth archers and rangers into battle with his daughter amongst them.

Many losses came from the conflict with the Host. Icy blades slipped past his ribs and broken off in his soul. He does not speak of them often, and more often without great anger and pain to follow the remembrance - but when he crossed it was without his wife and without his beloved Meygri. He stands with his family here now in Aarandor, seeking to make sure his remaining children have a world free of such loss.

Marriage: Lord Gureylain Rylanth married Lady Oriana Tenlindil in the winter of 53PA at which time he joined House Tenlindil.

Relationship Summary

  • Katara - The old blind priest/ess sets challenges to me to show I am not set in my ways and that I can change and be closer to this new world. I'll show then...

  • Deceased:
  • Elonwe - My later wife, lost to the Host - caught in a charge that overran the line and swallowed up even the healers tents. Our love was not swift coming from arranged marriage and I regret that I was cruelly distant at first over childish tantrums against my parents. I'm glad that she saw past my faults - she made me a better man, even if her loss left me a broken one for some time.
  • Meygri - Dear Meygri, my first born, my second loss. She was her mother's daughter in terms of kindness, she was mine for skill in forest and with bow. Felled by the Host, like her mother, gone in Larandor where I cannot even visit where she rests. My dear Meygri, my sprite.

  • Friend:
  • Rollant - A century my senior, I don't know when I did not consider Rolly my friend. We've shared battlefields, triumphs and tragedy. I'd give my arm for the man and still I would not be repaid for all he's done for me.
  • Valatir - Wily, crafty, lusty... Val is a good man, I could him a close friend and don't know what I would do if harm befell him.
  • Saga - Capable for one so young, adventurous - and she seems to be one of my Little Love's closest friends. I can see why.
  • Hatharal - A good man whom I am honored to name friend. He's helped me in my endeavors without a word of recompense, and I feel ever indebted for the kindness and open arms he has ever shown me.
  • Nyrena - I 'saved' her from rats and it seems a fast friendship has formed. She talks about climbing in stockings... She is Duindar, so I can imagine she's an expert, but still.

  • Family:
  • Seren - Sweet Seren, cousin to Elonwe, while she had been friend to me in the old lands, she was the one who gave of herself when the loss of my Meygri and my dear Elonwe. I love her so and wish her only long happiness.
  • Haedirn - Oh, Haed. We had been so close, and then I failed you. I could not save my wife your sister, nor my daughter your niece. I have cut a hole in your heart and I can never mend it. I love you, brother, and I will spend the waking days of my life wishing to make amends.
  • Oriana - My heart, my beloved wife. I have found in her a love that balms old wounds and blossoms new opportunity. I shall continue to gather her flowers, each day, to see her smile at the sight.
  • Hyacinth - Little Chipmunk. Always up a tree, always walking the paths and charming the animals to follow in her wake. Perhaps the most even of her siblings, the most open and sweet.
  • Elonai - Little Love. She is her own person, a wild adventurer, with her mothers caring heart... but unfortunately my pig head.

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