Lady Admiral Elonai Rylanth

"I don't know where that tunnel goes, but I know we'll be the first of our people to see it... I feel like that's worth the danger, don't you?"

Concept: Seeker of the Lost
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: female
Age: 120
Birthday: 04/18
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Archaeologist
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Single

Lean and toned, she stands nearly two inches over six feet with a look of one used to physical activity. Pale skin looks warmer as long platinum hair is braided back away from her face. Her high cheekbones and angled almond shaped eyes in sage green give her mysterious air. A small nose and full lips that often quirk up into a wry smile complete her countenance.

Elonai is still young at heart and it comes out at when she's too caught up in an adventure to remember all the pain she's felt. She was just a child when her parents died, when she lost her eldest sibling to the Host, and it's left a black mark upon a wonderfully bright soul. She knows that time is finite from history with humans and knows that even the immortal can have their life snuffed out too soon. Now every moment is an adventure, every second; something new to discover. There is a world of possibilities out there for her to seek out and she fully intends to.

That's when some of the childhood that was stolen from her comes to front. She loves the thrill of digging through old things searching for lost answers and can almost seem like a kid in those moments. At heart, she's damaged, and hides behind a mask of strength, but her fear of loss and death drives her to ever more dangerous acts of new discovery.

Elonai was born the youngest of the children blessed to Elonwe and Gureylain Rylanth. She was in her late childhood when the mortal strife struck the elves and though she was not affected with worry herself the view she had of others fretting over the loss - especially her elders she turned to Loran. Time lost is time never regained and Elonai became the avid scholar and adventurer to feed her need. Seize every moment. Leave no stone unturned. She made sure that every map had a complete representation of what was there and documented tunnels and more. She was fond of the humans who she was more like. They lived shorter lives and celebrated every moment as if it would be lost instantly.

She found friends in abundance but they aged so much more quickly and they reminded her further about what could be lost if one sat in inaction.

When the Host invaded Elonai felt the loss of their allies and when their leaders voted to leave the rest of the allies behind she was none too happy. If it was not for her father and other relatives, Elonai would have tried to stay. But before she could protest she was on board the ships crossing.

She hates to admit but Thelos and Aarandor at large is a dream for her. So much untouched, so much undiscovered and shes found her stride in the wild unknowns lands. Shes ready to turn her face to the darkest depths and shed the light Loran will give her to provide. There are times though, when she sees the constellations that are representative of the allies they left behind she mourns. She lost those she loved, her mother, her sister, but there are those still left to fight and try to survive. Those are the ones that will not be reborn in Aarandor. She has to make this count in hopes of one day returning to save their allies. Loran let them persevere.

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