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Past Actions

Action by Saga

(Public Action, OOC Date: June 5, 2019, 12:54 p.m.)

After the discovery of the armory/forge to the North, Saga's taken it upon herself to gather a team of more.. intellectual explorers for the study of the building. She'll be there mainly as protection and a guide, making sure everyone keeps safe and can successfully navigate the (known) paths. She'll probably micromanage a little bit, of course, asking about the possibilities of secret doors and all that jazz.

Elonai will try to locate any traps and disarm them for the safety of the group and/or crack any locks to hidden passages that may be found.

Being dragged along, onto this mission to the North, Myriil brings with him a more financial mindset, evaluating not only the forge, but the sounding lands for it's economic value, and what it might take to make the land it's most efficient.

Valatir, provided there is no sign otherwise from Torth, is all too happy to figure out how best to use this space. He knows a fair amount about the inner workings of creating things and how best to utilize them, but also which structural materials can be hallowed to still support their weight and where one might stash say secret rooms and the like. He's all too happy to take extensive study of the place and it's workings like many others, but mostly to see how these others thought to exalt the Most Generous.

Gureylain will be providing his services as a scout and guide to help keep people safe

It's always exciting to discover something new! Primrose lept at the chance to be included in the study of this armory/forge. She'll make sure to bring all of her notebooks and tools for study with her, but since she's not exactly sure what she's going to discover once there, she's going to try to keep an open mind, move as deep as she'll be allowed, though not straying from the safely marked paths as there is no telling where new traps may lay in wait. She'll be looking into signs of the history of this place, try to see if she can find clues as to who built this place, why, and how long it has stood awaiting their arrival.

Galeren is openly fascinated by many elements of this. Galeren will make meticulous notes and drawings of the location to learn all he can from it and it's creation. He is studying it in part to learn about the architecture and defenses used in it. Morever he is intrigued by the implications and symbology of Torth that might be there. He will take note of it and record it for the Priesthood while also doing his best to study and interpret the signs seen and invoke Torth's blessing and insight.

The Forge of Torth, as it is being called by those who visited it previously at least, is a mysterious but fairly easy to locate building in the plains north of Torendaar. Lady Saga Brixtien takes charge in leading the more scholarly focused expedition back to the forge in hope of uncovering whatever might have been missed from the first trip.

Knowing full well that the place is covered in traps and contraptions, they send in the expert to look past the known path. Lady Elonai takes a stab at jostling loose tiles, checking doors and generally being quite weary of the vaulted foyer and the forge room behind it. All of the known traps seem to have been left untouched, but Elonai starts to investigate the racks on the walls that look like they once had weapons hanging on them. No sooner does her hand touch one of the wall mounts than a set of axes come swinging down from inside the wall. She is swift, but they manage to cut her left leg pretty deeply. Lucky for everyone else, that seems to be the last of the traps.

With the traps triggered, Lord Gureylain sets to work, scouting out everything he can within and outside of the building itself. Most of the building is well discovered already as the first group was quite thorough. But? Gureylain notices something near the left hand corner of the forge room. The racks where metal was kept previously hold a few scroll cases. Most of them are empty, but one of them has a slip of paper inside it written in a language unfamiliar to most in the party.

Seeing the slip of paper, Galeren steps over to give it a look. He makes a sort of herrrm sound and then turns to the rest. "There is no amount of armor that can keep us safe from this rain of fire. But we must arm our brothers and sisters for the eventual onslaught of the enemy. Let this Moonsteel guard you and guide you from the flight to come." He says, presumably reading out loud. Curious, Lady Primrose Monstald steps over to inspect the paper and the surrounding area. After a moment of thought she says, "I wonder? if this was not an armory meant to outfit the Oracles a very long time ago. This building is very old, as is this script."

Valatir steps forward, looking the paper over for a moment before turning around to examine the forge itself. "Blessed by Torth. This place, I feel, once held a strategic place in some ancient battle. Long before we got here, long before Thelos was abandoned." He shakes his head a little. "It might be used by us in the future, but it is of no immediate use now. There must be repairs, renovations. Place a smithy here." He gestures over towards the line of 6 forges.

At that idea, Lord Myriil steps forward. "This location could certainly be valuable for future forging. If we can get the place restored of course." The ideas on financial gain seem to be spinning in his mind. Moonsteel found, forges ready to be used, all it would take is a little renovation and some innovation.

The party eventually leaves and heads back to Torendaar, confident in their understanding of the Forge of Torth's place in the world. Once it was a hub of activity, armoring the beings of Thelos, set strategically in the northern plains. Now, it serves as a potential settlement and staging ground for the Lorandi to protect their northern borders.

((Please feel free to give this potential settlement area a name. We will update the map with it once you do.))