Scholar Qahir Nerea

May you walk on warm sands.

Concept: Warden of the Wastes
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Nerea
Gender: Male
Age: 68
Birthday: 5/19
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Warden
Height: 7'0"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Dark brown
Marital Status: Married

Description: Qahir stands somewhere above seven feet without a hint of hair on the top of his head nor his face save his eyebrows. His visage is stern despite his young age, but he's often quick to flash smile. What makes this elf stand out alongside his large height is his equally large built frame. An elaborate tattoo covers his shoulders, chest, and much of his upper back. Beyond that tattoo his most noteworthy features are the nicks and scars found over much of his body, and the most prominate can be found going from the middle of his left cheek to the bottom of his chin.

Personality: Qahir is typically a cheerful fellow, even when he's in the middle of a scrap. He loves his siblings and parents above all else, and would do anything for them. Conversely, he turns into the most fowl of devils when something goes against them. He is loyal to a fault as it pertains to his family and kinship, and puts little above them and their needs. Qahir is said to be affable to the point of gullible, and this is mostly true. However, you've gained an ally for life if you do gain and prove yourself worthy of his trust.

Background: What does the loss or gaining of immortality matter to a child? The migration began when Qahir was still a young child, and he was born shortly before the eradication war. He does remember much of the migration, and the great loss of life. There are times that it stills haunts his darkest dreams, although he's remiss to mention this to another living soul.

Qahir was the child of two warriors, Fahirah and Aali, and the eldest of two children. He takes after his mother Fahirah most, although he likes to think he follows in his father's footsteps most. However, and unlike his parents, he's more in tune with the lifewell and magicks of the world. His sister, Akora, proved to be far more martiall inclined, although neither would turn down the chance at a scrap.

Since reaching adulthood he hasn't confirmed himself to anyone role just yet. He often fancies the idea of becoming a flame-seeker one day, but his lack of knowledge betrays his seriousness about attaining the role. Qahir does and will fight along any of his Kinship that should need his axe or magicks whenever the call comes, although he always has dreams and hopes of something bigger. What that might be is as much a mystery as finding out whatever it will take for the elves to regain their immortality.

Marriage: Qahir of House Filinnar married Fowrwen of House Nerea, joining her house in November of 52PA

Relationship Summary

  • Aali - Father. A beastmaster and a decent warrior in his own right. He loves his children above all else.
  • Fahirah - Mother, Filinnar. A giant of a woman with as much love for battle as she has for her kin. She is rather serious, and does not suffer foolishness. If you can make her laugh you've made a new friend, and probably signaled the end of all life.

  • Family:
  • Luthien - My favorite cousin. Beyond our love of animals we both serve Gala - in our own ways, of course. There's little I wouldn't do for her, or that oh so beautiful wolf Idril.
  • Zaltar - My cousin. Strange at times, sure, but he means well. Just have to get him talking, and then everything is good.
  • Sylindra - Cousin is like a krilkar. More like a tiger. It's hard to say. She's patient when she needs to be, but when she's hunt just get out of the way. I like to keep her in warmer spirits if and when I can - it's good to see her smile despite the burdens she caries for us all.
  • Zenandra - My aunt. Not really, but really. She adopted father well before I was born, and is family as far as I'm concerned.
  • Joran - He is as much the child of Sylindra as he is the child of Aganor. As smart as his father, as inspiring as his mother, and as wise as both.

  • Sibling:
  • Akora - Qahir's younger sister by 16 years. Already his equal in combat, although she holds back and is better than her elder brother. You cannot trust in the safety of your sweets when she's around.

  • Thalerith:
  • Forwen - Little shark. For better or worse she's still a troublemaker at heart.

  • Friend:
  • Danai - A close friend since childhood. He watches over her when he can, although he's not as protective now as he once was.
  • Rania - A close friend since childhood. She's cared for his injuries more time than he can count. Rania may be a slight influence on his recklessness. Who cares if you might break your arm when you're close friends with a mender?
  • Kiros - Teacher, mentor, and friend. They're always worth a few moments of my time, and the reason I even started first dabbling with magic. I just may've went a different route than them.
  • Valanor - One of my closest friends and confidants. I trust his judment more than most things in the world. I also really love Huzu, but don't tell him that.

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