Initiate Zaltar Aynarr

Judge me by my size do you. Well that maybe the last mistake you ever make.

Concept: Male Fury
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Birthday: 5/7
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Archer
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Ebony
Eye Color: Emerald
Skintone: Ivory
Marital Status: Married

Description: This is a tall, lanky elf, with a subtle muscular structure. Piercing emerald eyes peek at the world behind full ebon lashes. His wavy ebon hair frames his lean heart shaped face. His hair contrasts his smooth ivory skin and he carries himself in a very quiet and unthreatening manner.

Personality: A bit soft spoken and shy when you first meet him but once he starts talking you can not get him to stop. Those who know him well are a bit concerned if he falls a bit too quiet. He is known to be a bit distractible and some may call him a bit of a daydreamer but when it matters his focus can be deadly. Not an elf to be underestimated. He is tough, strong and a force to be reckoned with.

Background: Zaltar was born after the migration to the new world, he was taught many of the old ways growing up learning to hunt and scout after being taken in by Zenandra. Zaltar was found to be very skilled with a bow.

Most of his life was growing accustomed to the new and harsh lands. Nasherat was an unforgiving place, and was less so for a young child. He quickly began to learn the ways of the land, and the ways of the hunter, to follow in the footsteps of his family. They taught him how to track, how to shoot and how to fight. He took to it all with great interest, learning the thrill of the hunt, always looking forward to the day when he was old enough to go out and hunt on his own, to prove himself truly worthy. The sands of Nasherat are his home, The truth is, most of his life until this point has been in the service of learning his place. He learned the way of the hunt, the way his family expected him to.

Marriage: In the fall of 52PA, Kaeda Devrien married Zaltar Aynarr. Kaeda joined House Aynarr.

Relationship Summary

  • Kaeda - I know not many would understand my love and devotion to this woman and that is just half the fun of it. She has captured my heart and I am happy for it. I would not change a single moment of being hers completely for anything else.

  • Name Summary
    Darinel I am impressed that this Thalerith not only came to the Aeran Cleansing of the Waters but he also partook. He's a very open minded individual, I should think!
    Eiliriel He is shy and soft-spoken, but when he does speak, he reveals a very interesting and curious mind.
    Emyrion An initiate, and a skilled archer. Fought in the training center one evening in Thelos, he was victorius.
    Garett Not really good at the social stuff
    Kaelyn He is quiet but inqusitive. He is a good person, I believe.
    Mistral Studious. A man of few words. And seems to disapprove of idle threats of freezing others. He seemed personable enough, but I will have to spend more time getting to know him before I make a final decision about his character. Curious to know what it was that he was writing down though.
    Nalaea He's on a mission... FROM GOD (Brundir, that is. He's on a mission from Brundir).
    Nyssa Quiet, thoughtful and a little on the shy side. And even younger than me! He is very different from most Thalerith I have met. And not in a bad way. He is very concerned with not upsetting anyone or make them feel uncomfortable, but I fear it might come at the expense of his own comfortableness at times. At first, I merely thought it was fun to tease him and make him blush, but after having spent more time together, we are quickly becoming friends. I think... I hope I can help him become more confident. There's no reason that he shouldn't be.
    Pyrravyn Seeking for answers to questions he has not yet thought to ask. It is fascinating watching the Young as they grow into themselves.
    Qahir Shy, it seems. Intelligent, to be sure, and someone that inspires curiosity.
    Sylindra Shy and unsure of himself, but I thought I saw some sparks in there that might kindle something, if only he were bold enough to feed them.
    Taurfael Surely a new friend! I never hoped to feel comfortable around someone as fast as I did knowing Zaltar. I don't know if our taste for wildlife helped with it, but this is the first time it happens.
    Tyrus A curious writer with poems about love and poems about mysterious stars in the sky. Tyrus wants to know more, not only about what the man told him but about the man himself.
    Yvette You may not think it, but he DOES actually speak if you give him time enough.