Lunan Naevon

Rarely will progress be pretty; Only the brave can truly obtain it.

Concept: Reinvigorated Veteran
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Naevon
Gender: Male
Age: 281
Birthday: 12/4
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Stormlancer
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Porcelain White
Eye Color: Electric Blue
Skintone: Gently Tanned
Marital Status: Single

Description: Even as far as Elves go, Lunan is somewhat taller than most, though not quite a towering giant. While his body structure typically appears to be lithe and slender, there is certainly the impression of hidden strength. Long, thin arms boast more muscles than they initially let off, especially when his clothes are removed. Which follows proportionately into his chiseled chest with rigid features, and a well expressed abdomen, all revealed on his ever so slightly tanned skin. Skin of which, has been cracked and broken with a few battle scars in various places. His scars are a mix of old and new, slashes that cover most of the left side of his face. Where once there was an electric blue eye peering out behind those scars, there is now only an empty socket, often covered with a cloth or patch. The right side of his face remains unmaimed.

Personality: Over the past years, Lunan has been somewhat of a gloomy, uninspired war veteran. His spirit has been broken since the death of most of the members of his squad, during the Eradication War. Rarely would he leave his personal bedchambers other than to maintain his martial or arcane training. Recently, however, he has been notably reinvigorated. A burning passion to aid his family in the process of exploring the vast unknown, and to get his boots muddy once again, leading soldiers. As a leader, he is stern and strict, with no patience for failure.

Background: Just a little over two hundred years since Estil's Feast, Lunan was born to House Naevon, of the Duindar Elves. While most of his family has taken to the arcane arts, Lunan had some talent for the more martial skills. Still, he did have his love of magic and as soon as he was able, he began to train himself both in the use of a shortspear, and in the practice of evocation magic, using lightning to bolster his combat prowess.

This of course led him to joining the Amethyst Order, and taking his training to another level. As he aged, his training continued and he was given leadership over a squad of Duindar Elves, just a decade or two before the Eradication War. All of his training could never really prepare him for what horrors would be actually involved in war, but he jumped into the fray immediately, ready to do everything in his power to defend him home. Though, it wasn't enough. In the heat of battle, defending a remote valley, most of the members of his squad had fallen in battle, with Lunan being the solo survivor.

The mark the war has left on Lunan was a deep, personal wound. One that it would seem would not heal for the most of the period of settling the new world, Aarandor. It wasn't until recently that Lunan has left isolation, to rejoin his family in the Age of Exploration.

Relationship Summary

  • Katara - Ignorant, stubborn, deceitful. Perhaps the worst example of leadership there is in the Senate. She has lost both my respect, and my trust.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Danai - For a brief time, we were together. She is perhaps too young and naive for my tastes.

  • Friend:
  • Viessa - Currently, she is my romantic partner. She is a peculiar person, more caring than I would have expected from any elf, after we all have lost so much.

  • Sibling:
  • Kiros - My most trusted friend, companion and ally, even to spite how upset they can become with me.

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