Dakath Filinnar

Ours is a fire that cannot, that should not, be contained.

Concept: Firey Evocationist
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Filinnar
Gender: Male
Age: 151
Birthday: 8/05
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Evocationist
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Silver
Skintone: Dusky
Marital Status: Single

Description: An elf of average height with a lean but athletic build. He's no soldier, judging from his build, but he has the wiry muscles and scars of an explorer. Although his face is normally covered, there's a hint of a dusty complexion, of black hair and sharp, silvery eyes.

Personality: Firey, brave, sometimes brash, he's young enough to still be filled with fearlessness and passion of youth but old enough to be able to control it in most situations and do what needs to be done. He remembers the withering times, and he remembers the exodus to the immortal lands. He remembers the confusion and pain and, yes, wonder at what the new world might hold. He still feels it. He can be irrational at times, driven by his emotions, at the fire that burns within him. But, when things get down and dirty, he's a force to be reckoned with. Fiercly loyal and lacking fear, his sheer tenacity can be intimidating. Around those he trusts, however, he can be gentle, loving, and even childlike in his excitement and wonder at the world.

His parents were merchants but it became clear early on that he had a knack for the arcane. His parents did what they could to have him educated, although he was a troublesome boy. There was always an adventure to partake in, and it usually landed him in trouble.

As he grew up, he became to understand more and more of the world. Immortality was withering. It made him angry. Not for himself, but for his family. Although an active elf, he did his best to study, to hone his magical talents. He was mostly successful, although he never got over his rebellious nature.

The time of exodus came. His family was lost, but he survived. He helped those who survived as much as he could, that anger growing. As soon as he could, he left into the desert, needing answers. Alone, gone for years, he was assumed dead. Yet, he didn't die. He survived, against all odds.

He's changed, but not fully. He's still somewhat unpredictable, somewhat chaotic, but he's more powerful now. And while he won't tell anybody what exactly he saw, he's more determined than ever to see the Thalerith thrive.

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