Lord Haedirn Rylanth

Sometimes war is won by subtle motions rather than grand sweeping gestures.

Concept: Battle Scout
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Rylanth
Gender: Male
Age: 573
Birthday: 03/19
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Scout
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: White Gold
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Tanned
Marital Status: Single

Description: As that Haedirn is often not only hooded but masked, the features immediately recognized would be his studious green eyes, and bangs of long white gold hair. His elven body is not as slender as others, not wiry but a definite ranginess to it standing eight inches over six feet. Watchful to the point of wariness he moves with deliberation, a stalkers grace as it were.

Personality: Haedirn prefers a stealthy approach to most things in life, a patient rock in fieldcraft, yet fluid in motion when needs must. Seeking to blend in, even while communing with nature. This manifests in necessary hunting, simply watching squirrels at play, or coaxing a random creature to spend time before moving on. Such abilities have been useful over the centuries, animals make excellent scout companions, he mourns the loss of one in his own quiet way. It is the natural order after all.

As a devout follower of Rithor, there are times he exults in battle. Experience has made him fluent in the art of choosing a battlefield, and then fighting on it. Solidly loyal to family and friends, though bluntness does slip out. Actions speak louder to this elf than words ever could. A lifetime spent in training, sometimes expecting others to be as regimental in their own preparations of life. Preferring to lead by example, however it is becoming less practical to lead from the front.

Background: As a child of Neithyn Rylanth, this brought forth certain expectations, a competitive edge to the elven man to be. He was also a devoted brother of Elonwe Rylanth, which in turn later in life made him a devoted uncle. Given his aptitude for ranged engagements, and moving silently, becoming a militant scout certainly did not surprise those close to him. As a young adult he witnessed the horror that the Harbingers machinations brought forth. While political strife was not his responsibility, the physical strife resulting was. It was quite some time before he learned about the Reaping, and even then not very much. Such times were his first real tests of life or death combat, as previous forays were mere skirmishes in comparison. This was the beginning of his worship of Rithor. If one wishes peace, they must be prepared for war. He began to focus on honing his craft, to safe keep his family and those they are responsible for.

No one, including Haedirn, recalls exactly when he started going about being masked and hooded most of the time. It happened while he was out and about. His argument in favor has been that one must be comfortable in combat gear as much as possible, and that the mask helps mask exhalation in winter, or in dry foliage. His sister, Elonwe, always maintained he simply had a secret flair for the dramatic, she often pointed out is capable of great frivolity and humor, and his nieces did tend to draw this out.

The time of Mortal Strife was of great concern, so much death and weakness. It was the Eradication War that pushed him firmly into the worship of Rithor. Failure was not optional. The Host seemed invincible, and it did not mean they were. Often his task was to scout out battlefield locations, and then fight on that battlefield leading his own scouts. Unfortunately, The Host took the lives of his sister, and niece Meygri. Like his brother in law, Gureylain, it pains Haedirn that he cannot visit where they rest in Larandor. He sometimes questions privately his own migration to Aarandor. Yet he was able to throw himself into a new existence, the purpose of exploring this new land as a military scout. He is often gone for months at a time, sending back an owl periodically on his progress.

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