Sailing Master Kai Alcaldia

Get right, or get left.

Concept: Drunken Layabout
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Male
Age: 812
Birthday: 09/09
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Thaumaturgist
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green (Left), Red (Right)
Skintone: Chocolate Brown
Marital Status: widowed

Description: Kai is around average height at 6'6". This elf keeps the faded brown of hair in locks: either kept up high in a ponytail, or allowed to hang freely. Despite the relative youth seen in his kin he certainly looks world-weary. The hint of crow's feet flank his mismatched eyes are even more pronounced thanks to the prominant tear troughs are under them. He carries little muscle on his lithe form, just enough lean meat on his frame to perform whatever duties might be expected of him on a boat. He has a few scars here and there, but possesses no other defining features on his brown flesh.

Personality: Cool, calm, and collect. At least until he has a drink in him. He's quick to talk about anything or anyone should someone provide him with said drink. He has a mind for command and it often shows with how he analyzes everything in front of him, regardless of his current state of sobriety. Is that elf an asset? Could this elf prove to be a detriment in one factor or another? How can someone best used to his advantage in any oncoming struggles. The more alcohol in his system means the more of this verbally comes out. Of course, there are genuine thoughts and feelings buried somewhere under there. However, all the death and cynicism has hidden it deep in there.

Background: Kai is a man of many hats over his long life. A loving husband and father. A fiercely competitive student of magic. A fierce warrior on the seas. A wise commander. A grieving widow. He's only now taking off that last one, and seeing where things may lead in the present day. No matter what, this sailor's one true love comes in the bottle.

He was born to two priests of Aereth, and the thirdborn of four children. Kai's childhood was marred by the loss of his mother and his eldest brother during The Battle of the Bloody Harbor. This led to what became and still is a burning wound that he holds against Lorandi. It wasn't until Elexia began to unite the elves that his opinion of them positively changed. Slightly.

He became a war mage not long after entering adulthood to do what he could whenever he could to defend his kinship above all else. He considered joining the Maelstrom Guard at the time, but decided to dedicate himself to his study of magic. He joined the Aeran Navy, where he focused on developing his command of troops on the battlefield. His ascent within the Aeran forces was slow and steady, but evident to everyone that met him. It was as he ascended the ranks that he met his wife, Eris.

Kai still remembers where he first was during the return to mortality. He and his wife were upon another commander's ship discussing how to deal with a small crew of pirates. He stopped caring about all of that when news reached his ears along with his compatriots. For him and Eris the news was a surprise they weren't truly ready for what the loss of immortality mean.

The Eradication War was the second time darkness loomed over Kai's life. He and his wife fought bravely during the war. However, only he was fortunate enough to come out of it alive. He holds the fact that he survived and she didn't as a stain upon his soul that will never wash away.

He had only heard of the prior migrations. Myths and stories he never cared too much about. Kai didn't agree with the notion of abandoning the others in the war, and doubly so for what he lost in the war. However, his loyalty to the Ithiriel and Aeran won out.

Kai only speaks of the trip to Aarandor to the priests of Glanor at this point in his life. He survived the storm, but two of his three children - Oliana and Kalama - weren't as lucky. Tamar ended up becoming far more protected and watched over as a result. The secondary result was his falling out with the Admiral, and his resignation from the Aeran military.

His cynicism only grew as the elves again gained their immortality, and only lost in what was the blink of an eye to the aged Aeran. The end results of it all is the seething judgments and dislike of the three Kinships that were purported to have supported returning to a mortal existence, and continued dissilution with the leadership of his kinship.

When he was approached by Commander Elric Reymar to join the newly recreated Red Maelstrom, Kai saw it as a chance to start anew, and serve the Aeran people. He readily accepted and joined the crew of the Crimson Reaver.

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