Sir Dunlain Devrien

Information is the blade that cuts out disease from society, I am the surgeon.

Concept: Blood Templar Investigator
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Devrien
Gender: Male
Age: 476
Birthday: 2/7
Patron: Baridon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'9"
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skintone: Tanned Olive
Marital Status: Single

Description: Not quite seven feet, but more than half of six feet stands tall and proud an elf of tanned olive skin that has seen more than its share of summers and conflicts. Scars may have faded with time, but they've etched a network upon his hide that shares only the knowledge that he's seen many, many years of experience. His jet black hair is cut short but not shaved. His emerald green eyes are dark, but starred with little specks of amber that cause them to change color in the various lightings of the year. He has a more squared jawline than many of his kin, but his build isn't stocky. He has muscle and definition, but not the bulk of a muscle-bound warrior. His arms and legs lanky with good tone, his fingers naturally splayed, slender, and nails worn down rather than cut or bitten. His shoulders are broad enough to fill out his frame, but not so wide as to be in danger of sticking fast in any doorways. When he speaks, his voice is soft, gentle, and has a naturally low register to it.

Personality: Easy to make friends with, he's a good listener and knows how to keep a conversation going. It's a gentle smile, a simple compliment, or anything really. He almost doesn't work at getting people to tell him things. He's also quite observant, paying special attention to details most people think unimportant. However, despite seeming like a charmer/flirt, he's truly one of the most reliable people you'll ever count on.

Background: Born in a time of magic, immortality, and unification, Dunlain was raised on the ideals of an information based society where knowledge was both power and protection. During his young life he spent his days training with the blade, learning intelligence and counter intelligence methods, and a heavy dose of play acting. As he grew he was involved in a network of information traders, helping to catch criminals or disrupt investigations depending on the client. However, just after he'd risen from childhood into his early adulthood, he found himself on the forefront of the action. The hunt was on for the secretive group known as the Harbingers, and Dunlain was involved in several of the arrests. His rewards were of material value and he cherished all that he'd received and built for himself. Right up until the sudden weight of mortality pushed down on his shoulders and he felt heavy with the almost 400 years he'd already lived.

When the Host arrived, he didn't hesitate to fight back. Doing what he could to both contest their advance, as well as gather information that might prove vital for victory. It was through his connections that he learned about the decision to flee, and though he didn't take the bitter pill of abandoning their allies as easily as some of the other elves, he ultimately saw the wisdom in their choice. It was during the Blood God crisis that he converted in faith, having come to learn the value of reliability, promise, and the honor in keeping one's word as their oath. He was one of the many voices that spoke of the reason in the sacrifice of their regained immortality, believing it the only fitting penance for their betrayal of their allies. As his faith grew, he found himself before the Order of the Blood Templars, petitioning entrance. Taking his oath and receiving his knighthood, dedicating himself to using his skills to help maintain the laws and justice of the Holy City. One the cusp of entering old age, he now feels he's able to put his best years' experiences to good use as he serves.

Relationship Summary

  • Rivaron - Knight. Commander. Knight Commander. There is respect that goes both ways here.
  • Kenyon - The LT is a man made for the Templars.
  • Nesara - New to the group she's a quick study and has moved up the ranks quite rapidly. I commend her for her convictions and skill.
  • Qahir - A beastmaster from the sands turned into a seadog, with a Templar's scales on his tabard.

  • Family:
  • Deanna - She's family and that's all that needs to be said.
  • Belstrom - He's family, end of story.
  • Zymandi - She's family. End of story.
  • Rivek - He's family. End of story.
  • Melindra - She's family. End of story.
  • Alakir - He's family. End of story.

  • Friend:
  • Luthien - It was a cold morning with a gentle rain strumming an impromtu tune on the rooftop of the hospital when she walked into my life. Not even the damp of the outdoors could possibly dim this little dynamo's spirit. She gave me a smile that sparked a wildfire in my heart and since then she's become a drug I'm happily addicted to. In a world built out of shades of gray, she's the one portentous stain of red I can't help but be drawn to, and it's like a work of art.
  • Gureylain - One who remembers the past but looks to the future. He's a mutual friend to myself and my intended, the one who flicked the lit match into the lamp oil.

  • Name Summary