Razvahn Reymar

Confronting a storm is like fighting a God. All the powers in the universe seem to be against you and, in an extraordinary way, your irrelevance is at the same time both humbling and exalting.

Concept: Courier of Goods
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Reymar
Gender: Male
Age: 283
Birthday: 06/13
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Silvery White
Eye Color: Pale Grey
Skintone: Ashen
Marital Status: Single

A strong jaw and angular cheekbones provide a backdrop for expressive features, the centerpiece of which are cool, pale grey eyes set beneath arching brows that lend an intense cast to this man's visage. Thin lips that are most often drawn into an amused smirk, marred only by a single small and jagged scar, can be found resting beneath a slightly aquiline nose. A complexion far paler than what most Aeran possess provides a stark contrast to the dark clothing that shrouds a form both tall and lean; with broad shoulders and long, athletic limbs toned in a manner belying a physically demanding lifestyle. His movements are relaxed, with a seemingly carefree gracefulness hinting at an agility which allows him to act at a moments notice if need be. Silvery white hair falls is left to cascade freely down to the middle of his back, while the rest falls to frame features, only being brushed to the side to be kept out of his face.

A gregarious nature and a certain air of social magnetism mask a razor sharp wit and ruthless intelligence. There's an audaciousness that could potentially cause worry in the more conservative of his peers that dwells within the dark recesses of his being; showing itself only when needed, and providing the basis for the majority of his actions. Underhanded and often unorthodox methods tends to leave the words cunning and cruel to be tossed around just as much as easy going and personable are, making him much the enigma depending on the type of situation one might observe him in.

During his younger years, Razvahn spent many years following his sister, Nalaea, around even despite her habit of largely ignoring him and pretending he didnt exist. When he wasnt trailing after his sister, Razvahn could be found burying himself in his studies, socializing with his peers, and being the complete opposite of Nalaea in every way. Much to their parents delight, since Nalaea eschewed most things in favour of wandering alone out in the wilderness.

Then, on her fiftieth birthday Nalaea left home; leaving Razvahn feeling alone amongst the rest of his family and peers. How could she? Razvahn asked himself. He had looked up to his elder sister and wanted to be just like her; someone self reliant with a strong sense of self, uncaring of other peoples approval, and a force to be reckoned with all their own.

Nalaeas departure was seen as a personal abandonment to Razvahn, and in the years following her voyage out to sea, he grew to become the very opposite of how he had once been in his younger years. The once social, well mannered, and attentive child slowly being washed away to leave an impulsive, audacious, and often gruff man in his place.

It was due to these changes in how he conducted himself that he attracted a crowd, and despite all appearances otherwise, these did actually turn out to be friends. Friends who slowly drew him into sailing, and later became his crew. A new family with which he made a profit moving goods from one location to another. It was an all together lucrative, and sometimes risky business, really; smuggling Elven made goods to the Humans and profiting off of their petty wars and constant squabbling amongst themselves.

Often times theyd have to find ways to move items without anyone noticing them, slipping through in the dark of night, or concealing their goods in other ways. It was during these precarious voyages that their skills and talents truly began to take shape. Many of those very skills aided them during the Migration after the Host, where their captain died, leaving a vote to be had that resulted in Razvahn taking up the mantle and leading his crew to the safety of the New World where business continued as usual.

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