Kaeda Aynarr

Lovely is the shade of a tree

Concept: Naturalist healer
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: female
Age: 67
Birthday: 1/15
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Abjurationist
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: pale green
Skintone: fair
Marital Status: Married

Description: Crowning her head, spilling over her shoulders, and ending at the small of her back is a multitude of thick strands of white hair. Her ears are angled upwards and pierced with what looks to be golden hooks. Thin brows sit above a pair pale green eyes, rimmed by wavy lashes. Her nose is a small and delicate thing, casting a slight shadow over her cupid-bow lips. Skin, fair in color and soft to the touch, cover her petite frame. She can often be seen wearing a floral wreathe containing flowers of many different types.

Personality: Kaeda is an elf open to new experiences. She is very welcoming in nature and enjoys the company of others. That is not to say she is loud, however. She peaks in soft, dulcet tones, hardly ever raising her voice. Aiding others is one of her callings. She would rather put other elves before herself.

Background: Kaeda, the single child of Orenio and Merrin Devrien, was a curious child. She spent most of her time in the outdoors, taking in the landscape until they had to leave their home, traveling with the other elves to the new continent. She quickly became acclimated to her new home, seeming to enjoy the beauty of it all. She is a gentle soul for the most part and had some tutoring in Restoration and Abjuration as a child, becoming quickly ingrained and rather adept in such magics. Having no siblings, Kaeda turned to nature to occupy her time. She travelled whenever she could, and on one of her little excursions, she came upon a small wolf pup with a wounded leg. She mended its leg and brought it back home to the estate, naming it Nerva and officially dubbing it as part of her family.

Marriage: In the fall of 52PA, Kaeda Devrien married Zaltar Aynarr. Kaeda joined House Aynarr.

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