Uanthel Aynarr

Just don't move too quickly, you wouldn't want him to confuse you for food.

Concept: Fierce Krilkar Rider
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: female
Age: 98
Birthday: 8/2
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Ashen White
Eye Color: Rose Gold
Skintone: Golden hued
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Standing just above six feet tall, this female figure is made of the proper blend of curve and taut muscle to show a femininity sculpted by a lifetime of hard work. Her sharp features with their high cheekbones and square almost pert nose are framed in a spread of ivory almost bone white hair that flows to her waist if not slightly past it. Often bound or braided in some way to keep it out of her way. Her eyes are a lustrous shade of rose gold and she watches things about her with a hunter's precision. A number of small scars across her limbs speak of battles she's clearly won but not escaped entirely unscathed.

Personality: While her brother, Nadaron tends to be the popular one with his fierce enjoyment of life, Uanthel is quiet and tends to assess any situation and person with an aloof consideration. Her trust and her friendship are earned rather than granted as a given. Often preferring the company of creatures than other people, she is rarely seen without some beast or another in her company. She often does not make other people's business her affair, but is quick to interfere when she witnesses cruelty against animals, particularly when she deems something to be a hunt without proper sport or honor.

Background: House Aynarr of the Thalerith and House Reid of the Faenor have enjoyed an amiable relationship through many generations. So when Mero and Branwyn asked to be married, it certainly didn't come as a surprise. However, the two families could not come to an agreement on who should join which house. As a priestess of Rithor and mother to Mero, Zenandra suggested two hunts to settle the dispute, as both Mero and Branwyn were well known hunters. One hunt would take place in the caverns of Nasheri, the other at the wilds around Khelwen. Whoever brought in the most impressive prize would be the dominant house. House Reid agreed to the terms, and Mero Aynarr came out as the winner. Nadaron and Uanthel were the products of their union, he born just a few years before the Mortal Strife and she a few after, the children of two hunters. Learning a lot about beasts from both his parents, the pair of siblings seemed to have an innate talent for handling creatures, showing whenever they were excitably shown a new creature.

With both of their parents dead in the Eradication War, Nadaron and Uanthel settled under the guidance of their grandmother, Zenandra. The untold loss of countless pets and domesticated creatures on the journey to Aarandor was something that Uanthel felt deeply and is a loss she perhaps has never fully put to rest. And she still feels the loss of animals for reasons she deems petty or cruel or unworthy as almost personal affront.

Uanthel follows in large part where her older brother goes, and she has built up a reputation for being a fierce tamer of all manner of beasts, most notably a monsterous Krilkar called 'Sharp-Claw'.

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