Lady Nesara Palinnar

May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave.

Concept: Verdant Paladin
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Palinnar
Gender: Female
Age: 571
Birthday: 05/04
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Paladin
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Olive
Marital Status: Married

Titles: Knight of The Sacred Order of the Blood Templars

Description: The statuesque figure of this extremely tall elf seems to hold a dignified poise. Youth seems to still hold her yet, resisting the lines that might mar her visage and level gaze. Nesara's chestnut locks look to always have a light, natural wave to them, and her hazel eyes tend to have a deep, intense focus on those she interacts with. No gesture is less than deliberate from the well-controlled woman, who moves with an easy grace that seems almost hypnotic. At least until she trips on an errant step, or ledge, which can somewhat shatter the illusion. She tends to default to clothing of mixed styling between Duindar and Lorandi, a chic fusion of the two cultures. There are a number of scars that crisscross her body with no regard to hiding them from open display, unashamed of their presence, as if proud and almost daring one to ask.

Personality: There's a certain calm and collected nature to Nesara. She's never shy with a smile, but neither is one ever present on her features. The Palinnar has a certain deliberateness of thought and action, softened by an inherently kind and nurturing nature to her. All in all, one could say Nesara is a serious individual, but one who doesn't let it keep her from enjoying life, or a good laugh now and then.

Background: The oldest child of Rella and Ilbryen Brixtien, Nesara was eagerly awaited and joyously welcomed into the world. A few years later the family welcomed Vindath, and Nesara was overjoyed at having a sibling. A friend that she could find trouble and mischief with, the two having grown close over the years. Different in their pursuits, but nonetheless loyal and fond of their sibling. About 60 years later Valatir was born, joining their family. While they were siblings, and Nesara loved her brothers, with Valatir their dynamic was a touch different, being so much older then him, she often helped with raising and taking care of him.

Eventually, their mother Ilbryen introduced Nesara to a young Duindar, Shaerra Egilion. The two sharing many interests, quickly fell in love with one another. And after a short courtship Nesara married Shaerra, joining the Egilion family. The two shared many happy years together, until Estril's Feast. Shaerra, along with Nesara's mother, Ilbryen, where reaped. Like Valatir, Nesara had also been called in and questioned, and eventually found innocent.

After the Estril's Feast, Nesara returned back to her family. Heartbroken and angry over what had happened to her loved ones. The woman retreated some from those around her, and turned more towards nature and spending time out within it. Growing a bond with Gala, and her beliefs, some of which she had already picked up from her time as a Duindar. About 55 years after the death of her wife that Nesara met Belanor Palinnar, a slow friendship and companionship blossomed between the two. After several years, the two were married, Nesara leaving Brixtien to join Palinnar and her new husband.

After many happy years together the couple gave birth to a daughter, Tarathiel. Who was the apple of her parents eyes. Precious and loved, they dotted on their daughter and helped instill their love of Gala, nature, and animals into her.Tarathiel become an excellent rider, and archer. Unfortunately, during the crossing tragedy struck again for Nesara. She almost lost her little brother Valatir, and both her husband and her only child perished. Leaving the woman bereft again, though sorrow was not new to her. It had left her distant yet again from her family, a quiet stoicism left in the place of happiness. This time Nesara decided to stay with Palinnar, for they had become her family now.

A skilled Abjurationist, she became a Lorandi knight in the first few years of their arrival to Aarandor. Throwing herself into her work, finding purpose in protecting others, as well as safe guarding the land of her House and Kinship. Keeping her connection and love of nature that she had shared with both of her deceased spouses alive, but working to protect it.

Marriage: In the spring of 54PA, Kenyon was wed to Nesara Palinnar, joining her house and kinship.

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