Medeia Geminiel

Those things unspoken are the slow poison that rots from within.

Concept: Shadow of the Wood
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Geminiel
Gender: Female
Age: 527
Birthday: 02/12
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Evocationist
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue
Skintone: Olive
Marital Status: Married

Titles: Watcher of the Amethyst Order

Description: High sculpted cheekbones have been lightly kissed by the sun, tinging them a near olive. A sharp slender nose takes residence above a full set of rose colored lips so very often reserved in a knowing smile. Almond shaped eyes of clear brilliant blue are edged in a fringe of dark ebon lashes beneath dark angled brows. A slender neck leads to a toned limber svelte frame; a deceptive strength in movement. Long thick dark brown near black hair begins in a widows peak and falls well past her shoulders to the small of her back.

Personality: She can be warm and open, eager to speak about the weather and simple things with anyone but her true self shines when conflict is brought up. She finds a great deal of appeal in debating a point even if its play the opposite field of argument for the sake of arguing. A keen observer of others she often will remain quiet until she susses out the situation. It makes her come off as somewhat aloof at times but there is a fiery spirit deep within that can show in a flare of temper or a exuberant laugh when something takes her fancy. Despite everything she has a wicked sense of humor when one gets to know her and a verve for life that is countered by a deep sense of superstitious streak.

Background: Born the first of twins, Medeia was but five minutes ahead of her brother, Aurelian; something she always tends to bring up to get to him. They are very similar in build and appearance and their formative years were spent in tutelage within the Geminiel House. Their mothers were wed when they were barely two hundred, the younger spouse being Aurelia Naevon married Medera Geminiel, joining the house now nearly seven hundred years ago. Aurelia was quite severe, strict in the studies she offered her children lessons in history and verse. A talented poet herself she often recited her works at family gatherings - one of the few times the children saw her show emotion.

    That would all change when the Harbinger's were gathered. Aurelia was among them, rounded up to be brought to judgement. Aurelia's loss was a strange thing for the twins, something they rarely speak of and something that has in fact marred Medeia deeper than she would like to admit.

    Medeia grew to enjoy the representation of subtle motions and ideas. The hidden meanings and taking a different path than others. Medera felt the loss of her partner far too keenly and the loss of one parent drove Medeia to hide her own beliefs behind layers of confusing and misleading points of view that often were adopted out of sheer will to remain an enigma. It became far more ingrained as the years went on and further reinforced by Katara Geminiel. Do not trust anything anyone says became a rather regular viewpoint of the young Geminiel.

    Life without immorality. War against an insurmountable enemy. Medeia saw these things, lived them and rumors are that she was a gliding shadow amongst the elven forces. Laying waste to those Host too focused on sheer force. She says nothing of it but there is a faint scar that runs down her left cheek that nearly is lost with time. Whether she got in the war, before or after is unclear and she tells varying tales so no one can really be sure.

    The new lands gave fresh perspective and relief, allowing something of a renewal for the family. But tragedy struck in the floods that hit the Duindar lands. Medera was lost in the flooding and this in turn scored another sore spot for Medeia.

Marriage: The troubled political waters around the Aeran and Duindar kinships in late 53PA were calmed for just a while as one union between their people was allowed to flourish. Wynnimir Marindur married Medeia Geminiel, and joined her family.

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