Darien Marindur

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?

Concept: Roguish Adventurer
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Marindur
Gender: Male
Age: 126
Birthday: 2/14
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Captain
Height: 6'10"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Bistre
Skintone: Sunkissed Fair
Marital Status: Married

Tall, just shy of six-foot-eleven, Darien is lean and athletic, built for speed and agility but with a ripcord strength apparent even through his clothes. Long arms and legs corded with lean muscle combines with a broad shouldered frame and slightly narrow hips to give him the appearance one would expect of a sailor, swimmer and duelist. There is an almost feline quality to the way he carries himself, like a big cat lazily prowling its territory, a deadly grace that infuses his every move. This is only reinforced by his at most times languid behavior and a tendency to drape himself in chairs Long dark hair reaches to his shoulders, framing a handsome face with dark, kohl-lined eyes, high cheekbones, a defined jawline and a mouth that is capable of brilliant, roguish smiles but is most often shaped into a subtly knowing smirk.

((Scent: The essence of pleasure heightened by pain: the raw scent of leather with a hint of spiced rum.))

Laid back, charming, carefree and self-assured to the point of appearing nonchalant and foolhardy at times, yet playful, able to take control of most situations should the need arise and fiercely protective of those that he loves, Darien is as mercurial and unpredictable as the sea. The three great loves of his life are his wife, the sea and the thrill of adventure. OH, and let's not forget about the rum! Equal parts roguish adventurer, charismatic commander and drunken ne'er-do-well, if there is one thing that seems a constant it is that he always manages to find a way to have a good time, whether it be gambling and drinking at bars and taverns, boldly exploring unknown territories (and drinking) or simply sitting on deck or the ocean-side watching the ebb and flow of the water (and drinking). While some of his peers might say that he's too self-assured and too eager to rush into danger, no one can argue with the results.

Background: The youngest child of Nalios Reymar, Darien was born at sea during the worst storm to ravage the coast of Loramar for a hundred years. Despite his mother being close to giving birth, his father could not resist the call of the ocean, and whenever he went to sea, his wife would follow. And so, the first sight that the infant Darien would see was the inside of the captain's quarters. A fitting start to life for the young elf, considering everything that would come to pass over the next century. Born to the waves and more at home when sailing than when on land, he spent much of his early years at sea. When he wasn't roaming the waves, he would spend most of his time practicing his skills with a blade, swim, study nautical maps or spend time with his closest friend Roqen and Roqen's twin sister Roisin. With both of his siblings, Nalaea and Razvahn, having been born more than a century-and-a-half before him, and both having left their home to take to the open waters as soon as they came of age, Roqen became like a brother to him and despite their many differences the two could almost always be found at one another's side. And wherever the two friends would go, Roisin was never far behind, insisting on coming along no matter what they were up to or how much they tried to talk her out of it. At some point that none of them really remember, the two boys simply stopped trying and the duo became a triumvirate.

Following in the footsteps of his older siblings, it didn't take long for Darien to take to the open waters after partaking in The Blessing of Larenos and entering adulthood. His skill at navigation, communication and ability for quick thinking, as well as a naturally commanding presence and ability to inspire people saw him rise quickly through the ranks of his crew, and less than a decade later he was captain of his own ship. It was not the largest or grandest of ships by any standard, but she -was- beautiful, a black reaver with crimson sails, built for speed and maneuverability, cutting through the water like a scalpel through flesh. He named it after Roisin, dubbing it The Crimson Pearl. Roqen joined the crew as the ship chaplain and Roisin joined the crew as.....well, nobody was really sure what she did, other than try to boss Roqen and Darien around as much as she could, but she joined too, and for the first time they had complete freedom to do as they pleased and go where wind and wave took them.

When The Host arrived to lay siege to the allied races of Larandor, Darien fought on the frontlines of the naval theater, leading a small group of ships in daring hit-and-run attacks that proved highly effective. There were losses, naturally, but few compared to most of the other theaters of the war and the more direct naval attacks. It wasn't enough to make a difference, of course.

When the vote whether to flee their home or stay and fight was called for, Darien advocated strongly for staying. While the opportunity to cross the ocean and discover yet unexplored lands was a tempting and nearly irresistible thought for the adventurous young Captain, he was never one to admit defeat or leave his allies behind to suffer. But, his loyalties had always been to family and kinship first and foremost, so when the vote resulted in a majority for leaving and the Aerans opting to follow the Ithiriel and the rest of the kinships, he kept his thoughts on the matter to himself and helped however he could with organizing the upcoming voyage. When the day came for the elves to leave Larandor, he took as many as he could aboard his ship and set sail with the rest of the fleet.

When the storm hit the fleet carrying the elves to Aarandor, he never once left his position at the wheel. He did what any roguish adventurer with respect for himself and half a shred of decency would do; he downed three quarters of a bottle of rum and kissed the prettiest girl aboard, ordered two of his crewmen to secure him with as much sturdy rope as possible to his post and then ordered everyone beside himself to seek shelter below deck. Miraculously, they made it without any casualties and with the captain and ship both suffering only minor damage. Darien never spoke of the things he witnessed while navigating the Pearl through the gale that day.

The loss of their home, the breaking of their oath and the things he saw during the storm took a heavy toll on the young Captain, but what was done was done and instead of complaining or let it consume him, he focused on helping build up Lorawin Harbor and assist in charting the waters around their new home. And the storm did bring with it one good thing in its wake; it had opened his eyes and heart to how he truly felt about Roisin, and hers to how she felt about him. It didn't take long after emerging from the terrible winds and ship devouring waves for them to declare their love to one another. The thrill and adventure of sailing and exploring hitherto uncharted waters, the steadfast support of Roqen and the devoted love of Roisin saw him slowly return to his old self, even if there was still deep regret in his heart at having lost their home and left the other races of Larandor to die, as surely they would have without the armies of the elves their to help in the war.

In recent years, after the construction of Lorawin and the completion of charting all the nearby waters, The Crimson Pearl once more set sail for farther off places, towards new adventures, new discoveries and new dangers to boldly overcome.

Marriage: In the year 52 PA Darien was married to Roisin Marindur, and left house Reymar to join his new wife.

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