Tyrus Egilion

That belongs in a library!

Concept: Motivated collector of lore
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Egilion
Gender: male
Age: 479
Birthday: 12/1
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: midnight black
Eye Color: crystal blue
Skintone: fair
Marital Status: single

Description: Of average height but with an athletic build, Tyrus looks like he is as comfortable in some long forgotten tomb hunting for forgotten lore as he is sifting through books in a library. Flowing black hair is often left free down his back, while a thin patch of the same colored hair adorns his chin. His crystal blue eyes betray a genuine curiosity about the world around him, and his expression is often that of a smirk as if he's just remembered something funny but won't share.

(Tyrus' fingers are currently stained with green dye, from the faded color it looks like he has tried repeatedly to wash it off - but it's stubbornly clinging to his skin.)

Personality: A mixture of curiosity, some would say recklessness, and a deep belief in his own moral compass drives Tyrus in everything he does. Driven by a desire to preserve that which he perceives as important, he often sees the moral ends of his cause justifying whatever actions had to be taken to accomplish his goal. That said, this drive is often masked under a sheen of geniality and humor, making superficial friends easily in most social situations.

Background: The child of Erotas and Denock, Tyrus was raised in a house that valued lore and tradition above all else. He spent much of his childhood listening to the stories and songs of his father Erotas, absorbing them as if they were the tenants of a religion Tyrus would become a devoted follower to. His other father, Denock was found to be a Harbinger as was reaped from existence, something that pushed Tyrus to only grow more attached to Erotas and his stories. When he became an adult, Tyrus wanted to follow his father in learning and carrying on the oral traditions. Tyrus didn't have the voice or memory for Erotas' line of work, but the passion for preserving knowledge was still there.

Tyrus has since developed a real knack for hunting down knowledge and lore that had been lost to time. Hidden tombs, caves, and secret hideaways called to him and he could not resist delving in to them to uncover whatever secrets he could find there. When the Host arrived and the Eradication War broke out, Tyrus found himself even more motivated to gather anything he could to preserve it. The flames of the Host put not just livings things to burn afterall and how best to honor those who fell to the enemy than to preserve the way of life they sought to defend? Much of his efforts were for nothing, as when the elves chose to flee their brutal journey across the sea saw much of what he had gathered, lost.

Arriving in a new land with a whole array of new secrets to learn should have been Tyrus' dream come true - but the founding of the Isalspire took a lot of time, energy, and resources, and Tyrus was glad to do his part. But the Duindar seem settled now in their forest home and Tyrus is ready to set out to find whatever hidden treasures he can.

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