Azura Naevon

I remember little of my parentage, I remember little of love, I remember little of closeness, but one day I will remember the embrace of the heavens, as I dance amidst a thousand brilliant stars.

Concept: a mage guided by the stars.
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Naevon
Gender: Male
Age: 250
Birthday: 06/21
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Mage
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: azure-blue
Skintone: Bronze
Marital Status: unmarried

Description: Standing at a lofty height, this bronze skinned elf is not only solid, but contains a little bulk to his frame due to his physicality and need for a good constitution for the work he must perform. His hair is a rich black cut short and framing his face while azure blue eyes are striking in their hue. His body is covered from the neck down, swirling with lines and whirls that seem to have some magical reasoning to them. His limbs are long and toned with good definition and that definition is clear on his stomach and his back and chest as well, proving that this man is a portrait of good breeding and lineage. Yet there's a haunted, distant expression in his gaze.

Personality: Azura is a quiet reserved almost unspeaking sort, the loss of his parents and the solitude he had lived on his own from a young age keeping him almost detached from those around him. Some call him strange but he just is shy, and awkward. Yet when he does choose to put his mind to work he makes strides to put thought and effort into whatever it is he does and says. But despite his build and his confident stature, there's almost a vulnerability to his interactions and a need for approval.

Background: Losing is parents at a young age has always had Azura in a position of difficulty, relying on others of his kin to provide and teach him, in the beautiful city they had called home. They had gone off in order to explore the new world they had inhabited and weren't quite prepared for some of the dangers set before them, losing their life from attacks upon them. The others of their scouting group quickly adapted, but the consequences of risk were clear. Azura was left to grow up and rely on his cousin's family and his own self determination to learn the magic the Duindar prided themselves in so much. Now he seeks to hone his craft as a mage and improve to be the best he can be, though he has to reach out to others to make friends and alliances first.

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