Roisin Marindur

If you hurt me, I wouldn't cry. I would hurt you back.

Concept: Aeran Explorer
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Marindur
Gender: Female
Age: 120
Birthday: 4/12
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: Bright Red
Eye Color: Blue to Green
Skintone: Fair to Golden
Marital Status: Married

Description: The first thing one would notice about this woman is her height. She is considered small compared to other female elves at only 5'8. The second thing one would probably notice is her bright red hair. It hangs long and loose in sleek, fiery curls down to her hips. She wears a circlet atop her crown to denote she is married. Intertwined around the marriage circlet are fresh, tropical blooms. Her eyebrows are auburn and slightly arched. Long black lashes frame narrow, cat-shaped eyes. The color of her eyes seem to change from blue to green. Her cheekbones are high, her nose straight. Her lips are full and plump. Her chin is rounded and decidedly stubborn. Her figure is slim, almost waif-life. Bony in some places, her arms and legs do show a bit of muscle appropriate for a swimmer. Bust-wise, she has barely any to speak of, though what she does have is proportionate to the rest of her. On her left hand is a tattoo of a compass. Another tattoo of a choker is around her slender neck.

Personality: To strangers or those whom do not know her very well, Roisin can come across as very polite, shy even. However, if you know her well, you will see that she is actually very bossy with a fiery temper. She is extremely protective of those she loves, especially her husband Darien and twin brother Roqen. To her, she is the only one who can boss them around or tell them off.

Background: Roisin Marindur was born in the year 68 BA with her brother Roqen. Their birth was a difficult endevor but in the end, all survived. Their time in the woumb did, however, leave a lasting bond between the twins.

Roisin was always been very protective of her brother. If bullies ever tried to pick on him, she would be the first to step up and take up for him, usually with fists flying. To her, the only person allowed to boss her brother around is her. That goes for the occasional punch here and there if he made her grumpy. She has, as they say, that red headed temper.

Their childhood was idyllic. Growing up along the coast of Larandor, Roisin enjoyed swimming and diving a lot in the ocean, even though she had yet to be old enough to go through the ritual where she could breathe underwater. She especially loved to dive deep, deep down and search for oysters, for one might have a pretty, shiny pearl. She also especially enjoyed scaring her brother by staying underwater as long as possible so that he thought she must have drowned. Of course, a fight would ensue between the two everytime, after his initial shock wore off. Yet, the prank would be pulled over and over, with the same results. It never got tiring.

They had a childhood friend, Darien Reymar. They met after Roisin accidentally hit him in the head with a flying potato that was meant for her twin. Thankfully, he was a good sport and didn't hold it against her. The three ended up becoming close friends. Well, rather, in the beginning, it was Roisin demanding to tag along with the boys. It didn't take long to let her, for else one or both of them would have to endure angry temper tantrums or a flying object to their person, usually both. She enjoyed the times they all spent together, going on various childhood adventures and bossing the boys around. As they got older, she started to boss them around more and took great amusement in interrupting them when they were trying to flirt with others, especially Darien. Darien had developed the reputation, by this time, of being a big flirt with the other Aeran girls, so she would gleefully cause him all sorts of problems whenever she could.

When it came to family, theirs was actually rather religious. Their parents had great plans for them and Roisin didn't question them, for she was happy with the plans, too. Her father was especially pleased when, at some point, Roqen had an accident, which resulted in some sort of 'epiphany', in which made him a religious zealot. His place was the priesthood and he strived to do his best. Roisin, however, took a slightly different path. When she became of age, she received a tattoo of a compass upon her left hand, allowing her to breathe underwater and swim faster. Not very long after,she became an apprentice to the Wave Speaker. Because of this great honor, she recieved another. This time, a water flower was tattooed upon her left arm, though it would remain unfinished until her training had been completed. It was always understood that, one day, she would become the next Wave Speaker. It was a position she was very proud of. She did her best to improve her temper and to study their religion, as well as to learn to give the sacred tattoos.

Yet, everything changed. In 5 BA, war broke out. Both her parents were killed. She chose to remember them by receiving two more tattoos upon her left bicep, these are simple black bands to show that she will always be mourning for them. The events of the war changed Roisin's outlook on her life drastically. While Roqen remained dedicated to the priesthood, she started to question and feel restless. The thought of becoming the next Wave Speaker suddenly didn't appeal to her anymore. She felt something calling to her, though at the time, she knew not what it was.

Then came the big decision. Should we stay or leave? It was all anyone spoke about, argued about. An excitement came to Roisin, one she could barely contain. This was it! While many elves opposed leaving their homeland, Darien included, Roisin was all for it. The call of adventure, of exploration, of finding a new path in life! That was what was calling to her. When the final decision was to leave, she decided this was the time to start anew. She resigned from her position as apprentice to the Wave Speaker. She would let the call for adventure lead her to whatever fate had in store for her.

The journey was especially harsh, however. At one point, Roqen fell overboard. Darien had to jump in the water to save him. Once he came to, Roisin proceded to scold him and punch him for scaring her so. Another time, a tremendous storm hit. Looking up at the sky she knew that many would die this night. As she stood there shivering, Darien came swaggering up to her. Before she knew what was happening, he had grabbed her, pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately. It had happened so suddenly, but he had ignited the sparks of love and passion in her right at that moment. Or, perhaps they'd been there all along. She had stood there stuptified as he gave her a meaningful look, then headed to his place at the wheel, barking out orders to tie him there. Horrified but impressed with his bravery, she stayed there near him until the storm became so bad that she had to flee below decks, It was because of his bravery that night so many lives were saved.

Now they arrived in this lush, new world. She has now become a reknowned pearl diver and also, a very shrewed business woman. She is married to Darien and is known as a bossy, nagging wife, though they are very much in love. When they were married, she got her latest tattoo. Instead of upon her face, she got a design of a jeweled choker around her neck. They are a monogomous couple, and she does not take kindly to other females flirting with him. She has been known to get physical if it happens. Ahem.All in all, she seems very happy with the choices she has made and her new life here in Aarandor.

Marriage: In the year 52 PA Roisin was married to Darien Reymar, who joined House Marindur after the marriage.

Relationship Summary

  • Darien - Childhood friend and now beloved husband. He is the handsomest elf in all of the world and is all mine. He has a swagger and smirk that makes my knees weak. Still, no matter how much I love him, I am not above bossing him around when he needs it. After all. You know what they always say. Behind every great man is an even greater woman.

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