Kimbur Nerea

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Concept: Curious Drifter
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Nerea
Gender: female
Age: 53
Birthday: 3/30
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Scout
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Sun-bleached brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Coal dark
Marital Status: single

Description: Fairly short in stature compared to the average elf, Caynnusthrunquachkimbur makes up for it with an abundance of frizzy hair. Gloriously large, her hair can only be compared to a bush. A sun-bleached brown, her hair resembles the dry shrubbery that occasionally sprouts from the land of Nasherat. Her narrow, wide-set eyes are a bland, dull brown, a darker hue than that of her hair. They remain light enough, still, that they wouldn't be mistaken as black unless in a particularly shadowed setting. On the other hand, her dark skin is as deep in hue as black coal. Faint scars occasionally mottle her flesh, little more than fading scratches and nicks. Her lips are thin and likely wouldn't draw anyone's attention, just as her frame is petite enough she likely wouldn't stand out in a crowd.

Personality: Kimbur is relentlessly curious -- so much so, it can be a detriment if not outright danger to herself. She is constantly keen to understand things beyond the surface level. Throughout her childhood, her mother Jehrelyshe raised her to develop such a ceaseless curiosity. Besides this, Kimbur has an awkward, quirky demeanor in social situations, and generally keeps her own company. When encouraged, she does have plenty to say and will often go on for hours on a topic she enjoys.

Background: Kimbur is young enough that she only recalls rare, occasional glimpses of the Third Migration. Her father was taken by the seas on that long, terrible journey. She learned to never ask her mother about her father, the late Varhael. When she did, her mother, Jehrelyshe, would sink into a depressed state for the rest of the day and would simply go through the motions in a blank state. Which was unnatural for Jehrelyshe.

Jehrelyshe is considered to be rather quirky. She holds an obsession over foreign matters and languages. Even still, she made for a good candidate to send across the seas to meet with dwarves and hearthlings as an ambassador. This obsession and occupation led to the name Caynnusthrunquachkimbur which, according to Jehrelyshe, roughly translates to "The meeting of spirits once intertwined but distanced" in the dwarven tongue. Fortunately, Jehrelyshe was willing to shorten it to a mere Kimbur for Varhael's sake.

Kimbur often keeps her own company. She spends this time all over the city of Lorawin and by the docks, listening to the conversation of sailors and passersby.

As of late, her focuses have narrowed towards restoration magic, which she occasionally studies under the guidance of local practicioners and through books. In contrast to her mother, Kimbur's attention is prone to drifting, and so her learning goes slowly.

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